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    Question Windows 10 hangs with loud static sound ?

    I have been dealing with an issue lately where my PC will randomly lock up completely while playing games. I'm unsure as to what the cause is, but it seems to happen during any intense games or activities (one time it just happened while I was watching Youtube!). When my PC hangs up like this...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] PC hangs but only after going into sleep/hibernate mode for the second time ?

    I used to think my PC would randomly hang but I finally figured out it was only doing it after the PC would go into sleep or hibernate mode for the second time. When this happens I have to hold down the power button to shut it down so I can boot it back up again. When the hang up happens my...
  3. S

    Question How to fix inconsistent PC blue screens, hangs, powercycling?

    Hello, I have had PC issues for a while now that I simply struggle to diagnose. I get (seemingly) random blue screens, although they usually happen while I actually do something, not when completely idle. These blue screens may not always happen and instead, I get a complete hang (everything...
  4. Loom009


    I have a tight budget and my pc specs as of now is: CPU: Intel Pentium g4560 GPU: Palit GTX 1060 6gb RAM: DDR4 8gb single stick 2400Mhz MOBO: MSI B250M HDD: 500gb PSU: 600watts I mostly do gaming and I have noticed FPS drops in all of my games like LoL, Dota2, Witcher 3, and many more. My PC...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 freeze, system hang up

    Hello there, I've got a brand new, whole computer bought in the past week, and I have some weird crahes one in a while. It happens mostly 2-3 times a week, and pretty annoying. Once it happened when I started a game, then it happened when I used Alt + Tab. I am linking the dump files...
  6. T

    Question Consistent hang ups and freezing

    Here's my setup AMD Ryzen7 3800x 8 core 16 threads Asus X570-e gaming motherboard (x2) 16 gb ddr4 @3200mhz (for 32 gb total) Geforce GTX 1050 1tb m.2 nvme (Intel 660p series M.2 2280 1tb NVMe 3.0 x4 3d2 qlc internal SSD) 1kw Evga PSU Windows 10 Pro 64 bit I have no clue what the true issue is...
  7. D

    Need a Video and Photo editing Rig within INR 100K Budget.

    Photography and Videography is my profession. On this rig I will mainly do Video editing like 75% video editing and 25% photo editing. And sometimes will play pubs and data 2. So please recommend me a descent Rig for this perticular purpose. Thank you.