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  1. Mike353511

    Question Boot problem & solid white light on motherboard ?

    Specs: Nvidia 1070 GTX, i7-9700k, 2x8 RAM Corsair, ASUS z390a MOBO, Samsung EVO SSD, 750 watt PSU. First off I have multiple issues going on right now (posting for a friend). It has happened three different time where I power on my PC, the lights and fans turn on but there is no output on my...
  2. mezoology

    Question Win10 hangs, not totally freeze.

    Hello Everyone. first of all, I have no clue which subforum I should submit this under, so please excuse me (and move it) if it's under the wrong sub. I came here to ask as last resort. I got my brain hurt, I cant figure what's wrong by myself. The issue Is my PC hangs, Explorer freezes (so...

    Question Weird lag spikes ?

    After i reset my pc about 3 months ago ive started getting lag spikes in mostly low requirement games such as Valorant, Enlisted and osu! ive also gotten them a lot on apex. The reason why i reset my pc was because i would start getting random freezes when i didnt have a game running, it would...
  4. Arthianne

    [SOLVED] Computer crashes from graphic intense games but not overheating

    Computer crashes when i launch graphic intense games such as Black Desert Online, New World Alpha, ARK: Survival evolved etc. It's been happening for a long time now and I'm just deciding to fix it (Crucify me later) I've checked my drivers and they're all up to date, I've checked my temps and...
  5. P

    Question Is This A Sign Of A Dead Motherboard?

    First of all my friend upgraded his pc by adding more hard drive into it. The first hard drive was from his old laptop and the other one is brand new which is there is no way it will cause any problems, but I forgot to re arrange the boot order. So instead booting from the main ssd that already...
  6. C

    Question pc restarts at the launch of a game

    everytime i launch a game my pc restarts its only three weeks old all parts brand new msi 6800 xt gpu 16gb 4k amd ryzen 7 5800 cpu 1tb m.2 ssd samsung 16gb trident z ram watercooled 6 fans including one on power supply 850wt power supply
  7. Y

    Question Is there a way to salvage this old PC?

    This PC was used for typical home office and general task system in 2019. The motherboard is NEC mate MS-7479 VER1:1. Here is some pictures of the motherboard and its connections: View: https://imgur.com/a/91qo6v2 I did not touch the connections or rearrange them in any way. The problem is...
  8. K

    Question Vesa Mount HP OMEN - 27" IPS LED QHD FreeSync & G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor

    HP OMEN - 27" IPS LED QHD FreeSync & G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor I have recently purchased the HP OMEN - 27" IPS LED QHD FreeSync & G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P531VKB?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details) and upon opening the box, the was no...
  9. 8

    Question Random BSOD even after Reinstalling Windows

    Hello everyone, I've been having seemingly random BSODs for a few months now, I recently reinstalled Windows after wiping out my SSD, and I have gotten two new BSODs. I have run sfc, chkdsk, memtest, memory diagnostic, verifier, and none of these have found any issues. I am wondering what could...
  10. Question Help Locating Screw For Server Chassis

    Hello, I am trying to locate replacement parts for the following items in the below table. I have not been able to find any of them. I have been trying to find the 6*5.3FM as of recently a long with the other items shown in the image but with no luck. RSV-Z2700 – 2U Metal Rack Mount Server...
  11. K

    Question Need to convert Ethernet Port to Powered USB Port?

    I want to share an external hard drive between two computers at home. I read that one option (the easiest and cheapest one) would be to connect the external hard drive to my modem. My modem does not have PoE ports. What kind of adapters should I get to make the most efficient connection? My...
  12. Jake Purdy

    Question PC problems.

    System specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB DDR4 Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M D23H PSU: Corsair CX650M...
  13. RitSin

    Question Why my laptop freezes sometimes automatically?

    laptop model Dell XPS 14 l421x Sometimes my laptop does freeze then I thought it would be the window problem then I reinstalled the window but the problem isn't fixed yet then I search google and get answers that the startup program may be the issue then I disable almost all startup programs...
  14. Thundurh

    Question Graphics Crash

    I have had an issue with crashing while playing intensive games with my gaming rig since around 2017. The games crash in one of two ways each time. Either a light green/brown-looking blank screen fills my monitor, the light on my graphics card turns off for a second, then my computer will...
  15. Question Need help setting up first gaming PC

    Hi Guys, Have been in and out of this website the past few weeks and got some great advice, now hoping to get some advice for myself. Originally purchased the new Xbox series X, however slightly disappointed so now have built my first gaming PC. Specs as follows. Corsair 570x Case - 3x LL120...
  16. okbeew

    Question My pc instantly poweroff without any warning

    my pc was running okay before but one day it just instantly power off and when i open it again i need to rest it for a little bit and open it before it can open because when i open it immediately after the power off it wont work. And after that incident, it happens now more often, i didnt try...
  17. R

    Question Which power supply is better?

    Hello!, I want to buy a power supply but i have quite a few options here. XILENCE XN053 | XP600R7 600W , VER 2.31, CE , P.PFC Deep Cool|DE600 | 600W Zalman ZM500-XEII (500W) 83+, 230-240V Could you tell me which one is the best here? all of them cost the same, i have only these 3 options, I...
  18. P

    Question PC freezes but mouse still moves

    Hello For weeks now my PC will freeze but for some reason I can still move my mouse and close applications that are open. At this point I think it’s a hardware problem but I’m not sure. Some days I can leave the PC on all day and then it’ll freeze while other days it’ll freeze quickly after...
  19. B

    Question Rosewill Thor v2 Top panel replacement

    Hello, I have had a Thor v2 case for quite a few years now. I love the thing but the power button and usb ports stopped working. I would like to know if anyone knows of a place that I could get a new top panel. Google search has yielded no results.
  20. B

    Question Chromebook powers on but there's no display ?

    Hi all, so I have an HP Chromebook G5 that appears to power on, but there is never anything on the internal display and nothing on any external displays. The power light indicator turns on whenever the power button is pressed and turns off whenever I press and hold it, the charging indicator is...