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  1. L

    Question Will intel i5 2320 bottleneck gtx 1660 oc

    Does i5 2320 bottleneck gtx 1660. If so, how much is the approximate bottleneck percentage? Memory: 8GB, Psu:600w Thanks
  2. J

    Question GPU One Fan Stuck at 100%

    I've had an RTX 2080 Ti Fe for a few weeks now in an eGPU enclosure. It's been running amazingly until yesterday. After downloading and trying Metro Exodus for its RTX features, one of the GPU fans went up to 100% and stayed there, even when all temperature sensors read it as being in the low...
  3. J

    Question Cannot update Nvidia Driver.

    So i have an Asus K555L laptop with nvidia geforce 820m 2 gb. Driver version 376.54. With windows 8.1 64-bit. I recently tried to update the driver but couldnt do it. I tried through geforce experience but it says that the drivers are up to date. Then i tried through the windows device manager...
  4. R

    Question Headphone Microphone Jack not Working When Plugged

    Hey! I just bought a new headset with a mic, they're one of the cheaper ones called "Piranha Gaming Headset HP70" when I plug the headphone jack and the mic jack only the mic works and there is no sound on the headphones. I ticked the option "Disable front panel jack detection" but it still...
  5. Fromwhere

    PC config for Video Editing

    I'm not perfect fluent so I hope you'll understand. I'll buy a new PC so I would like to have your opinion about this config (compatibility, etc.). Thanks in advance! Intel Core i7-8700K (3.7 GHz) 478€95 Motherboard : ASUS PRIME Z370-A II 187€95 Ventirad : Noctua NH-U9S 59€95 RAM ...
  6. B

    Question Games constantly freezes and stuttering

    My problem appeared almost a year ago, at that point i was actively playing Rust, as some people know, this is not the most optimized game and i was blaming the game. Some time passed and other games started to freez and i had enough of that. After that i reinstalled windows multiple times...
  7. ikanishk

    Question PC shutting down often

    Whenever is use Adobe Lightroom or photoshop or open too many tabs in chrome, my PC goes off. I even checked my task manager, it shows very high in power usage and 99% in memory and sometimes high % in disk too. Can anyone help me figure out the issue and how can I fix it?
  8. N

    Question Pc getting really slow and stucks frequently

    Hi guys, i m not sure if this is the right place for this so please tell me if i need to post it someplace else. So i have an Asus X555L laptop (Windows 10 64-bit 8gb Ram) It was running perfectly but a while ago (almost 1-2 months) it started to get really slow sometimes it freezes randomly...
  9. Luizz20

    Question Fps drops in Open World Games

    I don't know why, but my fps drops drastically in almost every open world games when i'm moving mouse. It doesn't happens in every games, but most of them. Games like Fortnite, Gta V, Naruto Storm 4, Grid Autosport etc work perfectly fine on Ultra without any Fps drop, i can even run the newest...
  10. C

    Question IBM System x3850 x5 How can i solve this problem?

    Hello guys I have a System x3850 x5 from IBM Now its running with 4 2.5'' SAS RAID 5(300GB per HDD SAS), and there are still 4 empty intetnal storage drives that i didn't use to upgrade my storage Last week, it became nearly full. So my boss request to upgrade the storage. So now, this is my...
  11. joe_r15

    Question system hardware issue

    system suddenly restart and its some time showing blue screen. its has some hardware issue but i dont know which hardware it is. please help me out? is there any tool to diagnosis this issue
  12. G

    [SOLVED] Pc Would Freeze randomly for a couple of seconds and sometimes crash to desktop

    Hello everyone. As stated in the title, my Pc would freeze for seconds or crash any game I play (mostly Rust). I have the game running on low and recently wiped my hard drive. Also have the game on an ssd. My current specs are: CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x RAM: 2x8 GB corsair vengeance lpx PSU: Corsair...
  13. C

    Question Hardware failure from unknown source. Disappearing sound devices and massive lag.

    I self-built my PC. I’m suspecting some sort of hardware failure but am at a complete loss as to the source. All of my games lag horribly, and I experience a lot of sound stutter. The sound starts ‘popping’ in and out. As far as detection of my devices go, the PC will ‘see’ and then ‘not see’...
  14. L

    Question Secondary PC keeps freezing when under any load.

    I am running a GTX 970 and a i7-3770K with windows 10. Under any load my pc freezes. Screen freezes on whatever I am doing for about 2 minutes or more. Audio ceases during each freeze. I get this weird white visual bug whenever sent discord messages, right above the message notification...
  15. H

    Question Low gaming performance, which hardware should i upgrade?

    Hey folks, my problem is, that i cannot run resoucre intensive games (like Metro Exodus) smoothly on my pc. I know that my hardware is not "PC master race", but i meet the recommended system requirements. Now i wonder weather i have to upgrade my hardware and if yes, what exactly? Since my...
  16. Question Does Acer Aspire E5-576G-51ET support kingston A400 M.2 2280 240 GB?

    I've already bought a new M.2 SSD Kingston A400 SSD Internal Solid State Drive M.2 2280 240GB Hard Disk SSD For laptop https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Kingston-A400-SSD-Internal-Solid-State-Drive-M-2-2280-120GB-240GB-Hard-Disk-HDD-HD/32982207239.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.260711b4VVcHn2 and I...
  17. Hasenn

    Question New build for < £1250 for gaming, programming (UE, Unity), video / photo editing

    I am going to use the PC mostly for gaming (both AAA and indie), video game programing (Visual Studio and Unity), animating / drawing (Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator). I usually keep all my settings on Ultra. When on desktop, I usually do multitasking. I will buy all the components...
  18. K

    Build Advice HELP in my Gaming PC build

    Mobo:- Gigabyte Z390 UD https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HS59X7P/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_Lx42CbTJASYCB CPU - i7 8700K/9700K RAM - 32GB (G skill Ripjaws or Corsair Vengence) GPU - RTX 2070/2080/1080Ti(I'm looking at Asus Strix versions for my GPU also I'm into gaming in the future i.e Ray tracing)...
  19. JPODP22

    Question Acer Aspire T3-710 Upgrade help - Newb here

    Hi everyone! Long story short... I am a newb to this website/forum and was in need of a little help if possible? So I have an Acer Aspire T3-710 PC specs as follows: i7 6th Gen 6700 @ 3.4Ghz 16GB Ram @ 1600mhz (2x8) 64Bit Windows 10 Home + Student edition motherboard from what i can gather...
  20. Z

    Question Boot loop

    Hello guys so i recently decided to upgrade my CPU, and of course i had to change my motherboard and ram with it since its a DDR3 motherboard Anyway i changed my parts to i5-9600K and Asrock z390 pro4 and corsair vengeance rgb 3200 16 gb so i took all the parts out and put in the new ones with...