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    Question High memory usage with new components

    Hi, I just upgraded my pc components because I had some trouble with the cpu and memory usage on my pc. They were always at 95-100%. Now with the new components I had no issues in the beginning , but since yesterday the memory usage has been at 95% even when idle and only listening to spotify...
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    Unusable PCIe slots?

    I ran into something that seems funny to me so I’ll ask here if this seems normal. I have a Gigabyte F2A88X-D3H mobo. It has a PCIex16, then two x1’s and finally a x4 slot. No onboard video as I did not buy an APU as I intended to run a separate video card from the start and didn’t know that I...
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    EVGA 770 GTX booting on second boot

    I recently built myself a pc with a GTX 770. Ever since building it has taken two boots to get the card to go past the BIOS screen. I tried going to onboard graphics on the mobo and that boots straight away. What is the most likely cause and solution to this?