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  1. C

    Question Help on OG HTC Vive headset keep going on searching and grey view when putting it on.

    I really need help on this, I did almost everything that was advised on the troubleshooting pages, like changing usb port to use, cover reflective area, unplug wifi, restarting/reset power and disable camera. I tried looking for answer but most end up being an abandoned thread. More info, base...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] USB 3.0 ports supplying power but not connecting/working with keyboard, mouse, or WMR HMD

    I have an ASUS Prime Z370-A and an EVGA 750 W PSU. I recently got an Odyssey+ and discovered that this whole time my USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports do not work. Up to this point I had not needed USB 3.0 so I just used my working USB 2.0 ports. My front case USB 2.0 ports work but the 3.0 ports on the...
  3. AndyC53

    Best value IPS monitor - - £160 budget?

    Hey community, It was my B-Day the other day and i have collected some funds for a second monitor and I want to purchase it in the next couple of days. I was wondering what is the best value IPS monitor at the moment? Things to consider: HAS TO BE A PRODUCT ON AMAZON.CO.UK (I have £80 in gift...
  4. B

    While case? Corsair 760T, H440, H630, P410 or Phantek Enthoo Luxe?

    Hi, I'm torn between these cases: Corsair 760T (Easy to build in/large window) NZXT H630(good allrounder?) NZXT H440(nice looks+window) Same for NZXT phantom 410 And finally the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Which would you recommend? I'm looking for a case that's relatively easy to build in with decent...
  5. A

    psu for this rig?

    amd fx8320 (not to do oc) mobo:gigabyte 970A D3P seagate 1 tb 7200 rpm internal hard drive sapphire readeon r9 280x dual x (not to do oc) case: Corsair SPEC-02 ATX Mid Tower please suggest me a good psu durable and which will get good fps and which allows me to do ram upgrades only and should...
  6. S

    Compatible? Not on list but told it is

    I really like this board, perfect for my price range as well!! The only question i have is...i went to click on compatible CPU and it does not show a phenom II x4 970 so am i missing something here? I was told it's an AM3+ board, but they are compatible with AM3 CPU Am I missing something...