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  1. Andy_G_W

    Question Trouble connecting laptop to external monitor

    My laptop seems to have hardware issues when connecting to an external display via HDMI. I am perplexed because this issue sprung up out of nowhere, it just stopped working. 1. The laptop will show the external monitor in device manager and display settings, it will even think my display is...
  2. G

    Question When I start my pc it says No HDMI signal

    Hello. I just built a new pc. The parts are: Ryzen 5 2600 g skill trident z 16 gb 3000mhz tomahawk max b450 msi gaming x gtx 1660 6gb Monitor: dell alienware aw2518hf I built this 1 week ago and had no problems. Yesterday I started my pc my monitor said no hdmi signal but my pc was turned on I...
  3. J

    Question What Should I Do? Display To VGA or?

    So, plan on getting a new gpu but there is an issue....I have 2 monitors one has HDMI and the other is VGA. The gpu has 3 displayports 1.4 and 1 hdmi port. Which one would be the best option. 1. Get a Displayport 1.4 To Vga Adapter or 2. Use my mother board graphics for the one monitor and...
  4. K

    PC shuts down randomly, then reboots after brief power off. PSU has been replaced, please help, i'm clueless!

    Dear users! I'm desperate for a solution. My PC started to shut off at random times, like it's been unplugged from the wall. It stayes shut off for 3-4 seconds, then it automatically restarts itself. Sometimes it writes out an error message: "Power supply surges detected during the previous...
  5. H

    Suggestion for Workstation build. Maya, 3ds Max , Mud box ,Z brush

    I want to build a workstation for making 3d short movies. I will be working on Autodesk and Adobe products. Budget - $1800 - Rs 120000. Location India. For now I am going for a Mid Range Build from the following web site...
  6. W

    Alienware Command Center Crashes in Fullscreen Games

    So first thing is I'm using the alienware aurora r6 and alienware laptop, yeah I know I'm a alienware fan. My aurora r6 is connected to the laptop via avermedia capture card because I just starded streaming. The problem is my alienware command center crashes when I play fullscreen games but I...
  7. F

    Cooler and motherboard problems

    I'm using a corsair h100 v2 installed it successful the USB wire I plugged in but there is 2 other wires one with 2 outputs and one of those outputs is 4 pin shaped but has 3 pins where are they meant to go on my asus maximus viii hero