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    Question Faulty motherboard or CPU

    I have just bought a new cpu, motherboard and ram to replace my old parts. When I test benched them nothing is turning on, no cpu fan spin, no psu fan spin. Tried it again with the old parts, fans started spinning. On the new components, I took out the CPU and tried powering it up then. Still...
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    What graphics card do i need

    I want to play sims city but my pc says my graphics card is not good enough. What do i need to reduce the lag on my pc and so i can play the game? Please help!!! And it runs at 1frame per 10 seconds, how do i improve this?
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    Weird frozen desktop after sudden shutdown

    Hi all, So something weird happened that I was hoping you had an idea of what might have caused the issue. My build is this: XFX black series 750 PSU ASUS Z87-k motherboard I7-4790k EVGA GTX 1070 OC Old Kingston valueram 1333mhz Samsung evo 840 256gb SSD Old mechanical HD I never really use...
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    can i use my laptop dvd on my pc

    i need to download some drivers that came witth wireless express adapter,,, ive taken apart my laptop a few time and the dvd comes out by just unscrewing one screw,, also it seems to support the same connection as my harddrive. so you think i can do it btw,sorry for my grammar