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  1. T

    Discussion I7 930 and gen1 are still good CPU for Gaming

    Hi, I entered this forum today just to comment on a thread about this CPU. Some guy was asking if it was good for gaming or not. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/is-the-intel-core-i7-930-2-8ghz-quad-core-cpu-good-for-gaming-still.3474795/ I posted my reply, it was a solved thread but in...
  2. J

    Question Alienware Aurora ALX Not Turning On

    I haven an alienware aurora alx with an i7 930 24 gbs of ram and i put a gtx1070 in it to test it and it wont turn on only the lights over the motherboard and hard drive cages turn on could it be a motherboard issue?
  3. T

    Getting MY First SSD?

    First my specs, I have an I5-3570K, GTX 660, 8GB RAM, 250 GR VelociRaptor with my OS, and a 1 TB HDD in a micro ATX case. I have been contiplating buying an SSD now that prices are dropping on them. I would put my OS and some of my Steam games on it such as ARMA 3, maybe Rome II Total War...
  4. Qlimax_airsoft

    Seagate hard drive fault

    Hi My mate has an error with his HDD. I've checked it over and everything seems to be fine but when it's connected to a PC it boots making two beeps then dies. The platter arm skims over the platters once then that's it. I think it's the pcb but wanted thoughts from others to see what they...
  5. C

    Can I overclock AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+

    Hello can I overclock AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ My Motherboard is: Gigabyte GA-M61PM-S2
  6. G

    Does this gpu fit in a pci v1 x16 slot??

    http://www.misueno.gr/images/stories/virtuemart/product/gt730-%283217%29.jpg It is the gt730 and in gainward it only says pci v2.0 but i want to know if it is x8 or x16
  7. K

    CPU Idling Hot

    I have been having some issues recently with getting my CPU to idle at a reasonable temp. I have a i7 920 (not overclocked), and it has been idling at about 47C for a long time. I just switched to a Noctua DH14, but I didn't really see any improvement. Thinking it might be my application of...