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    Question so my pc is booting up fine ( lights on both gpu and the fan) but there is no signal on the screen

    this happend after i changed my cpu however i changed it back to my old but its still the same issue, i tried cleaning the ram and cmos but still the same thing pls help (cables and the monitor is fine) and i plugged the cable into my gpu not the cpu.

    Question Pc won't spin up after messing with msconfig

    Parts: Mobo - MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI Gpu - RX 580 8gb Cpu - ryzen 7 2700x Ram - 8gb DDR4 3200mhz Psu - evga 500B 80 plus bronze So my problem is when i try to press the power button to turn on my system, the mobo lights and gpu light flickers and then stays off as if i turned it off. It...
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    Question What PSU is the best choice for my upcoming PC

    So, I'm gonna upgrade my pc and I have all the parts BUT I have no idea what PSU is good and affordable (preferably max 75-80$) The pc is gonna have a GTX 1050 TI with a AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5 GHz CPU with a ASRock B450M Steel Legend Micro ATX Motherboard And G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16gb 2x8 GB...
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    [SOLVED] Can you microcode a RISC processor and make a CISC processor?

    Since x86, CISC processors are microcoded, could you microcode a RISC processor and make it a CISC processor? I feel like I am missing a lot about this topic so please don't bash me (a.k.a. I'm a newbie to microcode).
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    [SOLVED] Can you write/rewrite a CD-ROM?

    If I have a blank CD-ROM, and I wrote some information on it, can I rewrite information on it even though it is CD-ROM? What if I have a CD-ROM already pre-installed with information, can I write information to that?
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    [SOLVED] What components of a computer do different types of viruses run through before infecting it?

    For example, if there is a BIOS virus in my computer, what components of the computer would it have run through before it reached the BIOS (e.g. CPU, modem, RAM, etc.)?
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    [SOLVED] Can you put SODIMM RAM into slots on a Raspberry Pi CM3 clusterboard?

    If I took a Raspberry Pi CM3 clusterboard (e.g.: and installed some SODIMM RAM into the slots, would they work?
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    Question What is the latency of RAM (DIMM) and PCIe?

    What I want to know is approximately the amount of latency induced by PCIe and by RAM? I want the latency from the CPU to the DIMM slot and to the PCIe slot (so no round-trip latency).
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    [SOLVED] Can you use a Raspberry Pi CM3 in a regular SODIMM slot and create a cluster?

    If I had a laptop with more than 1 SODIMM slots, and I took 1 of the SODIMM RAM sticks out and replaced the DDR2 slot with a Raspberry Pi CM3 (,38504.html) (so no compatibility problems there), could I create a cluster with...
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    [SOLVED] Are there any Male to Male RAM (DIMM) riser cable?

    I would like to know if there is such a thing as this. I am curious to know if this exists (so don't ask me "why?).
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    [SOLVED] What is the slot for this PCIe riser?

    I found this riser on Supermicro ( , ) and I see that 1 slot is PCIe x4(?). But there is the other slot and I don't know what it is, so I was wondering if you could help me...
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    [SOLVED] Are there any PCIe/M.2 to RAM (DIMM) adapter out there?

    I don't know of any PCIe or M.2 to RAM (DIMM) adapters, so I would like to know if anybody here knows of such a thing. I am talking about PCIe/M.2 to DIMM adapters, not the DIMM to PCIe adapters that allow RAM to work over the PCIe bus (inherently at a slower rate/higher latency). Also, I am...
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    [SOLVED] What is this riser?

    I found this riser online and I don't know exactly what it does. So can anyone help me? ( ) So far, I believe these are 2 possible options (but I'm open to other options). It could be: 1) An actual DIMM to M.2 or SATA riser that can store/cache the...
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    laptop for 10th grader

    I'm looking for a laptop for my son. His Toshiba Chrome book has had charger problems and he wants to upgrade to a windows machine. He mainly uses google docs for school work, plans to stream video and possibly some low demanding applications. Portability and durability are priorities- he's...
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    How to remove hacker permanently from face book

    Face book is been disrupted. Protect it.
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    Would A GTX 780ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition Fit In this Case?

    I've been generously GIVEN a GTX 780TI Classified K|NGP|N edition GPU and was a huge upgrade from the 750ti I was using at the time. I had to break some of the chassis of the case I have to fit the damn thing in. I was looking at the ORBIT-Z1 By Rosewill which is a ATX Mid tower. I was wondering...
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    Cooling And Overclocking with &GTX 1070 build

    Hi, I am relatively new to PC's. My current PC has AN AMD FX-6300 and AMD Radeon HD 7900 series. I am looking to upgrade to a gtx 1070. I was wondering a few things. 1# I read that the FX-6300 would bottleneck a 1070. Would Overclocking my CPU stop bottlenecking? 2# If it would, than would I be...
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    3.5 mm Plug into phone or laptop - 2 RCA plugs (red and white) into Samsuing TV - nothing happens

    Hi there! I want to play music through my TV using my phone or laptop. I have a Jack RCA Adapter Cable - 3.5 mm plug goes into my phone and the red and white RCA plugs go into their respective places on the TV. The TV doesn't pick up anything...I cannot pic AV as an option using the SOURCE...
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    Download flash player

    I can't download flash player on LG TV I keep saying your plugin unsupportive
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    Which graphic card should I buy??

    System spec are... Mobo - gygabyte h81m-s1 CPU - intel g3220 Hdd - 1tb seagate barracuda but I haven't bought any graphic card yet cause I need some suggestions .my preferences are light gaming, watching HD movies, and most of all running the system smoothly.. So, I need some help guys. Which...