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  1. Bionic_alliance

    Question Does anyone know how to do photo editing really well?

    I don't know how to make these images "identical" as of the size and orientation as well as the color. The difference between the two being that one is opened and the other is closed. Needs to have transparent (no) background and be 128 pixels x 128 pixels. Please Help!
  2. P

    PC Randomly Freezes when I installed a Graphics Card

    So Im fairly New to this and I've placed a Graphics Card in a Pc (Ancient) that didnt used to have any, i think its using that integrated graphics thingy. So when I installed My Graphics Card , a GTS 450, It can Run it but sometimes there are these mini and random freezes that happens for 3-7...
  3. M

    Monitor wont startup after i plug my graphics card into the board and connect my monitor to my onboard graphics card!

    Help! I bought a new graphics card gtx 750ti now my computer specs are: Board- gigabyte b75m-d3h Processor- core i3 3220 3.3 ghz Ram- 4gb Graphics card-gtx 750ti Smps- intex classic 450watt Now for the problem When i plug my graphics card into the board and connect my VGA to onboard graphics...
  4. M

    Cheapest cooler to OC I5 4690k

    Hi people, I don't know what cooler to use. I have an I5 4690k , well going to get soon enough, and I want to OC. I am looking to get 4.5/4.6 ghz, and I want to know what the cheapest cooler to do that at around 70°c is best.