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  1. Redrum38

    [SOLVED] RazerBlade 15 advanced with GTX 1070 max-q terrible frame drops.

    I have owned the Razerblade 15 advanced with gtx 1070 max q, intel i7-8750h and 16gb of ram for almost a year. Recently frame drops have been extreme making most games unplayable. About a month ago fortnite would run at a constant 100+ fps and now drops to below 30 randomly and constantly...
  2. I

    Question Why i7 8750h CPU frequency in idle droping ?

    Hi ! I have a HP OMEN 15 with I7 8750H (RTX 2060) and i have some problems with CPU. In idle i have a lot of Frequency drops, very fast from 3.8 Ghz, to 1.2, 0.9. Why is that happening in idle ? And 1 more thing. I have 85-90*C temperatures in some games without Thermal Throttling, common at...
  3. L

    Question Which is the better laptop for rendering?

    I am planning to buy a laptop for rendering purposes with a little bit of gaming on the side I found 4 different configurations of hardware these are the following: lenovo y530 - i7 8750H/gtx1050ti asus tuf fx505 - ryzen 7 3550H/gtx 1660ti asus tuf fx504 - i5 8300H/gtx 1060 lenovo y530 - i7...
  4. S

    Question underclokc 8750h

    Hi, I'm looking to underclock a i7 8750h to reduce the temp. I use only for office and some vps, so I test with 2.2ghz and works well. But I don't known how many voltage should be set for this, because. I have read that underclock is risky due to the fact that I would be using less voltage than...
  5. Mazdamundi

    Question Overheating laptop CPU - undervolt or turbo boost?

    Hello community, New guy here! Hoping to get some help with a new laptop I bought recently. Over the years I've often come across TH articles when dealing with computer problems. Hoping the community here is just as helpful! Anyway, I recently got a new laptop: HP Omen 15 dc0006 that comes...