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  1. D

    Question I keep losing sync on my adsl.

    Router: TP-Link TD-W8961N V2 (The white one) Line stats: View: ISP: Maroc Telecom (Morocco) So, I've had this problem with internet for the last 2 weeks and it's starting to drive me insane. It started a week after the ISP changed my line (they created a new...
  2. TheSpetnazAreAfterME

    Question Anyone else here name Doug have network issues too?

    Hey yall, My name is Doug and I'm having network issues and my friend who's also named Doug is having network issues. Basically while playing a game it will freeze and then tell me that I lost connection, but I can still hear my friends talking on discord and they can't hear me. I can still do...
  3. CBrando89

    [SOLVED] Modem has intermittent connection - drops randomly

    ISP: Spectrum Router: Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (my own - flashed with ExpressVPN firmware) Modem: Arris TM1602 (Spectrum-supplied) I've been having this issue since moving into this new place and it's driving me NUTS! Our connection will drop and be intermittent, especially at certain times...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] DSL Internet: Insufficient Speed

    I'm currently subscribed to 15 mbps internet speed plan but I'm not getting the desired speed. A so-called technician from the provider informed me that my area is not capable of 15mbps, only 10mbps. But I noticed I am able to reach 13-14 mbps but only at midnight. Was he lying? I've been...
  5. D

    Two different WAN IPs

    I'm not able to use service due to two different IP address, On Router WAN port its showing 172.16.XX.XXX and on its showing different like 182.XX.XX.XXX, please help me how get the setting done of to get the access my DVR publicly?