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  1. leemas

    Question Constant BSODS for 6 months, seems to be getting worse

    Hi, I've been having daily BSODS for about 6 months now that happen 2-3 hours after using the PC. I've checked hardware and completely reinstalled all of it, checked ram with memtest for 8 clears each stick, ran sfc scans, chkdsk, all turn up with no problems. I've reinstalled and updated all...
  2. edgrace

    Question Multiple BSOD issues ?

    Hi, I have been experiencing a lot of bsods after upgrading a few bits of hardware; my GPU, an addition of 32gb of RAM on top of the 16 that was already there, an nvme drive, and a 1000w psu. I've seen errors like: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION for the most part. From what...
  3. ClassV

    Question Getting BSODs

    I don't necessarily know what to do in my situation. Basically, my computer has been built for probably around 5 months now, never had a blue screen or system crash, and have built a couple PCs now. However, coming back after a weekend of the system being off and inactive, I started to...
  4. A

    Question My PC randomly reboots and black screens, but only in my home ?

    So pc reboots mostly in game sometimes in just seating as well i tried every suggestion and no results then i took it to the shop never restarted there they tested it for 4 days then i brought it home but random reboot happened again i took the pc to the shop they tested it for another 4 days no...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Planning to use DDU. Kindly assist.

    Hi! My system gets a lots of app crash and BSODS lately irql not less that or equal kmode exception not handled Mainly when I play genshin impact, i get those BSODS. I'm planning to use DDU because of this. Is it recommended? I haven't run sfc or reinstalled windows. System: Ryzen 5 3400g...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Getting random bluescreens, probably related to ntoskrnl.exe ?

    Hi everyone I got my new system a few weeks ago and it works like a dream - except when it doesnt ;) I keep getting random bluescreens (sometimes 2-3 a day, sometimes none for a few days) regardless of the system load. Just today i got one after booting and only chrome running. I haven't...
  7. Flippercomet500

    [SOLVED] I need help!! BSOD every time I use my PC

    So a few weeks back, I built my first ever gaming pc on my own. It was very relatively easy and I enjoyed it very much. But when I turned the pc on, it had a bsod right as it was trying to boot. I don’t remember what the code was but the pc would bsod every here and there with a clock watchdog...
  8. QuestionerOfApples

    Question Window 10 Crashes - Need emergency help

    I been having issues with my pc for a week now. I been getting memory management windows crashes lately. I have around 1TB hhd and 500gb ssd as well as 16 gb ram yet I get memory management crash. Sometimes, I also get crashes like kernel security crash, video memory management internal crash...
  9. Ghostyta

    Question bsod and instamt reboot

    Hi everyone. I just yesterday upgraded to an i5 2400s from an g630. After placing it and starting the pc after the windows loadiing logo im getting a bsod and.instant reboot ( 1 sec after the bsod appears) after recording and putting it in slow motion i found the.bsod error was...
  10. azk48288

    [SOLVED] irql not less or equal stuck 0%

    its been 30 minutes and the blue screen is stuck at 0 percent with stop code irql not less or equal, i was just done playing valorant when i quit the game the blue screen appears. what do i do?
  11. B

    Question 5950x, Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Hero ( Wifi) with 3003 Bios BSoD and crashes.

    Hello! Firstly i will add my spec list : Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Hero (WIFI) AMD Ryzen 9 5950x MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio 2tb Corsair Mp600 NVme Asus Rog Thor 850W G.Skill trident Z Neo DDR4 3600Mhz 32gb (F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC ) Asus Rog LC 360 Cpu cooler Asus TUF GT501 i have been running...