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    Question Keyboard typing random characters windows 10

    I'm having a problem with windows 10. Almost every time I try to type in the Cortana search box, the setting search box, Microsoft Store or Edge the keyboard starts typing random letters. For instance, if I press "aaaaaaaaaa" it gives out "fvvar8chvx" a random jumble of letters like it is...
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    Question Unable to boot into bios

    Hello, Friend of mine asked me to build a pc for him and after building the pc I tried to boot it up and get into bios only on the first boot. After that my motherboard refuses to powerup and use mouse/keyboard. Bios reset didn't work (button, jumper and bios battery(I took it out for 24 hours)...
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    Is there a software I can use to help with rgb controls?

    Is there a software of some kind that lets you add effects to an RGB keyboard that doesn't have many effects? Can i program it to use corsairs software or anything?