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  1. [SOLVED] Can i solder an ssd m.2 or repair the component?

    Hello (sorry my English is little bit weird), I have an ssd m.2 and I broke the component (idk what is that, just see the picture) That mini box is gone, can I repair it? Or what should I do? Thankyou
  2. G

    Question Kingston A400 SSD vs SSDlife

    Good evening! Just recently bought a Kingston A400 SSD. Install it. Everything works. After several days of use i wanted to check this drive in SSDLife, but this program does not display full information about how much total host written or written last day (last 7 days). CrystalDiskInfo and...
  3. Techhhhy

    Question Only getting half the speed Kingston ssd

    Hi, I recently purchased a Kingston UV500 120gb SATA 6B/s which advertises speeds of up too 520mb/s read and 500mb/s write and I’m only getting 280mb/s read and 200mb/s read I’m wondering if SATA 3GB/S is half the speed and I’m also wondering if my mother board (ASUS A58M-E) only supports SATA...
  4. I

    Question Games and Programs crashing on startup

    Hello, recently in the past two weeks I have noticed a lot of my programs are crashing upon start up: CS:GO - This is where I first noticed the issue, The app would begin to start and then just crash - No report. Chrome: I have only noticed this today, but this now seems to crash upon startup...
  5. Mo.R


    hi, i want to connect a ssd to my computer but i can only use a slimsata cable to plug it in, with an adapter. would that be still faster than an HDD? as I think i was told that that slimsata only will transfer speeds of sata 1. but im not so sure. thanks
  6. A

    Asus ROG G752VT vs Pc Build

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me decide between the new rog and trying my hand in pc building. vs mainly used for video editing/animation. (I will be learning adobe...