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  1. Just_Orange

    Question Laptop started behaving really weirdly and I can figure out why. Pls help its driving me nuts

    So this started 2 weeks ago and my laptop's performance suddenly dropped 70% (not exact calculation). I checked for viruses and there were none, no hardware failures for the storage, processor or integrated GPU, the laptop did not overheat (ill get to this part again) and no software taking...
  2. Bananaaaa9

    Question Laptop hinge area creating sparks?

    I have the Acer Aspire 6 model, and I was using it at school just fine. I turned it on again later and the display did not show, then the left hinge area started to smoke and light up. I immediately turned it off and every time I open or close the laptop’s lid, the hinge would make a small...
  3. McCoffee

    [SOLVED] BIOS Flash - Error - Need help urgently!!! (HP Omen 15", 15-ax011no)

    I've been having these chargin problems for a while where the laptop would charge for a few sconds then disconnect, although the calb e was still plugged inn. I tried every fix until i was recommende i flash the BIOS, which i did. However while flashing the boot block the charger disconected...
  4. L

    CPU at 100C underload yet PC always fine? Am I in trouble

    Hi all, After a change of GPU I decided to run some heat monitoring to see if everything was correct. So the GPU has absolutely normal temp, but I realize something is off. My CPU temperature underload, playing games such as Total War Warhammer, The Witcher 3 or Doom, would always be in the...