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  1. StupidComputers

    Question USB/Portable SSD for huge video files: Speed/Heat issues

    I'm having a very difficult time finding info on the best media for my needs: Transferring 50-100GB video files regularly. I have a cheap sandisk USB , halfway decent write speeds for about 10 seconds then drop 20MB/s and gets crazy hot. I recent bought a Verbatim vx500: Much better...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Internal File Tranfer Bottlenecks

    Hello My problem is that I see low internal tranfer speeds between harddrives. The files vary in size, but they can be from 40 to 80 GB. The file transfers will start at maybe 170 MB/s, and then they slow down to 3-4 MB/s, sometimes 700 kb/s. And it seems to be one way sometimes. Like if I...
  3. Vezium

    [SOLVED] Computer BSODs with 'CRITICAL PROCESS DIED' Whenever trying to download large files.

    Hello, See my specs below :- Intel core i7-7700k ASUS Z-170A Motherboard 16GB Ballistix sport 2400Mhz RAM 2 x 500GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD (I think it's 850) GTX 1080-TI EVGA 1000W Platinum I'm having some issues downloading large files. Everything else runs fine on my computer, installations...
  4. osama_moussawi

    Discussion Laptop for Large Excell files

    Hi What is the best Laptop Specs (CPU) for processing large excel spread sheets files!
  5. S

    Changing hardware on windows 10

    I have an old pc with windows 10 and i want to upgrade all of its components (cpu,mobo,gpu) will windows 10 adjust it self to work with the new hardware? Sorry if my english are bad.