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  1. H

    Question Find a file location in hdd sectors ( ZBR )

    hello everybody, I have 4 question related to HDD and zone bit recording ( ZBR ). 1- I am looking for a utility which show us a file on which sectors has been recorded graphically ( on physical layout of sectors like a photo I have attached) . 2- Also I need this for optical disks too ( I know...
  2. S

    Question Need help with settings for Adobe Acrobat to read books and magazines

    I'm trying to use Adobe Acrobat to read old books and magazines in PDF format. I have been able to get the 2 page view setup but the problem is it does it with the cover as well which throws off the layout. What I would prefer is 2 page view (gatefold) for all pages EXCEPT the cover. I think...
  3. N

    Question how boards fit into cases

    I have several non-functional computers and hoped to find a case among them that my ATX motherboard would fit into. But I invariably found that the cut out for the I/O panel did not match where the panel was on the board. This makes me think that different ATX boards must have their I/O panel...
  4. Tornik

    [SOLVED] US language input keeps being re-added after every restart

    So I use two inputs for my keyboard: UK English with US international layout and Georgian QWERTY. Despite deleting the US input that comes installed with Windows 10, it gets re-added to these two after every restart. It is not listed in languages when I click language bar and go to 'Language...
  5. T

    Question Keyboard layout

    Hello everyone I have a problem with my keyboard changing language when im on remote desktop. I use danish layout, but it keeps switching to english... I've tried deleting the english language from my computer. None of my coworkers have this issue - even on the same remote desktop. Do anyone...
  6. H

    [solved] Having trouble in Installer boot menu

    Hi all , I have a problem navigating in the Linux installer boot menu using keyboard. I can't select anything using my keyboard. I am trying to do a Linux USB boot.
  7. P

    Would a server like this be good?

    I am looking for a home server, but I don't know if this would be any good for SAMBA and backup tasks.
  8. P

    Workstation for average budget

    Hello there, I am new to the world of desktop computing and really want to get into using a desktop for my college and personal needs. I am looking to build more of a workstation than a gaming PC as I am going to be working with sound , video , animation and 3d modeling. Programs like the...
  9. K

    omg look at this! Its a build\ I live in australia and have been wanting to purchase these for a week. but paypal dosnt seem to get the funds and im still waiting. so i decided ill pay with a card. tell me anything wrong or right.
  10. R

    how do you reassign letters

    I saw a youtube video explanation about very easy way to assign letters from the mgtm. part of control panel for your drives. But I am unsure if that works same way with DVD drives. I have SDD (c) drive and a virtual Drive (e) and two DVD drives, (d)&(f). I am getting ready to set up my hard...
  11. M

    Replacing my primary drive

    I currently have a 60gb ssd with windows and some programs on but i would like to replace this with some raid 0 samsung evo 840. I also have a 1TB drive and i was wondering if i could simply replace the old ssd and still be able to use the data on my 1TB drive.
  12. T

    What is a good gpu which will run games like arma and battlefield ETC

    what is a good gpu that is under $150 right now i have the Geforce gt 620 and it's really bad so i want one that i can play games like arma 3, Battlefield 4, Cods here are my specs CPU Intel core i7-3770 processor (8m cache, up to 3.90 ghz) Geforce gt 620 8gb DDR3 ram windows 8 oh yeah...