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    Question Pc wont load anything or shutdown or restart.

    I had some trouble with my pc not starting after moving. Turns out the ram had come out so I pushed it back in and it booted like normal, but now when I start or play games it will keep running the game but nothing in game will load. Such as I can walk around but new objectives or pressing a or...
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    Question PC very slow suddenly

    First of all, I'm new here because I don't know what to do anymore and maybe one of you can fix this... So, a couple of days my pc became very slow. Games suddenly took 5 to 10 minutes to start up ( normally within 1 minute ). I could find a fix for the problem, so I reinstalled windows on my...
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    [SOLVED] Please help me solve this very weird problem?

    So I suspect that this is a CPU issue but I really do not know. This recently started happening but, my computer is very fast and very new (specs are still as listed below in my signature). However, lets say I am using it for a few hours and then get up, leave the TOWER on and turn off the...
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    i5 i7 How much is too much?

    Building a gaming pc. I've read countless threads about bottlenecks and wasted processing power many of which contradict each other. Currently Im looking at an i5 6600 as I was told that anything beyond that is really a waste based on current gaming demands and whats handled by the GPU. Do I...