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  1. N

    [SOLVED] which graphic card should i buy?

    i got offer for used gpus, which one shud i go for? sapphire dual oc rx 580 8gb msi gtx 1060 6gb softwares i use : lumion, sketchup, autocad, archicad, vray, photoshop
  2. N

    Question Which graphic is best for rendering

    I need to buy graphic card for renderin lumion and blender Which card is better Rtx 2060 or Vega 64 2060 I hav comfortable budget to buy Vega 56, is it good enough?
  3. jd3rul

    Question Different Lumion benchmark scores, using similar GPUs ?

    Greets, I got 2 similar GPUs installed on 2 computers. 1x GTX 1050Ti on the first PC and 1x GTX 1050Ti on the second PC (same manufacturer Gigabyte) . Problem: Lumion benchmark shows different GPU score ( not GPU memory) on the PCs. One of it has max GPU score, the other has much less GPU...
  4. J

    Windows keep lagging

    My Lenovo thinkpad t61 keeps lagging and skipping at first ibtaught it was the Ram I removed one of them then the system came back, then later started the same thing started again. I later upgraded the ram but still same problem. Please help . Thank you System Specs CPU Intel Centrino Ram 3gb...
  5. H

    Acer aspire e15 575g wont start screen black

    Hi , my laptop is three months old ,and suddenly the screen started to freeze. One day later, screen wont turn on, as i start ny pc screen is black and seems to be flashing on different black shades. I read some threads here to remove battery, but this version seems not to have removable...
  6. diabolic123

    My CPU temps are worrying me ...

    Hey guys, I would like to ask: My motherboard and CPU are Gigabyte b75m-d3v & i5-3470 Ivy Bridge @ 3.2Ghz but it's running around 3.6GHz (according to BIOS). The temperatures at idle are 45C and went up to 65C when gaming. I'm running on a Xigmatek Praeton LD963 Low profile CPU cooler. Thing...
  7. alannm37

    Looking For A College Laptop/Light Gaming

    Hi There, I'm based in Ireland so firsty in needs to be €/£! My budget is €400 inc. shipping costs. What I am looking for is 15.6", 500GB+ HDD, Intel i3 4th Gen+ (No Lower Please), Intel HD 4400+ (No Lower Please. Some refurbished laptops might have a dedicated GPU, that's fine also), 4GB+ Ram...
  8. M

    Cooling fans for Intel

    I have an Intel LGA 1155 i3 CPU its air cooled and the fan constantly runs at 2100 RPM. It runs about 32 C when web browsing. WHen gaming it runs about 60 C What can I do to keep it cooler gaming? Any ideas? Thanks