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  1. xrique007

    Question M5A97 R2.0 not booting

    I have m5a97 r2.0 whenever I turn it on it runs for few secs and the turns off. Is it dead?
  2. [SOLVED] No need to raise FSB on AMD FX black edition chips?

    I can't remember where I read this at...it's in my history but will take a bit to find but is this true that you don't raise the FSB speed when overclocking an FX black edition chip?
  3. S

    Is it a good idea or not to clean and optimize my phone every day?

    I recently got a new laptop with a SSD and have become more conscious of the problem of the limited write cycle. I'm assuming that applies to smartphones, too. I've been optimizing and cleaning my phone every day. Will this exhaust its memory faster? What is the best way to maintain my phone?
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 breaks down

    Hello I really have a big problem with my laptop equipped windows 7 voilas the update kb4480970 has broken everything and so my internet connection does not work at all and then the windows update history was erased and in addition the memory of my pc and become insufficient And more windows...
  5. L

    My Acer aspire v5 won't go past the Acer logo what do I do

    I have a Acer aspire v5 ive tried to do alt+f2 ,f9 ,f10 nothing works can someone help it's windows 8 please
  6. S

    Need a Xeon Workstation Motherboard that runs Windows 10 with DirectX support

    Dear All I need your help I have assembled a workstation with the below specs - ASRock Motherboard LGA 2011 EP2C602-4L/D16 - CPU Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 Eight Cores Processors 2.60Ghz 20MB Smart Cache 8.00 GT/S QPI TDP 115W SR0KX BX80621E52670 - 64 GB DDR3 ECC - Dual GTX 1070TI - Samsung 860...
  7. L

    Alienware 15R2 (No display, 8 MB beeps)

    Performed a Battery Replcement in Alienware 15r2. Upon startup, screen doesn’t work and receiving eight motherboard beeps. If I remove memory, it changes to two motherboard beeps and still no screen. No burns on motherboard, no noticeable frayed connections. Tried to drain CMOS with no effect...
  8. C

    Fuse blow TOA Pa amp

    Hi Guys I got a TOA PA amp with multiple speakers attached to it, the one channel with 16 speakers connected is blowing the fuse. I tried connecting to oanother channel and still does same thing and the other channels are working fine. The channel does play with volume down, but as soon as you...
  9. T

    Dual display 1 for gaming the other for youtube

    So I've got this little dual monitor extended display set up where i play a game such as overwatch on full screen on one display and I've got a youtube video playing on the other screen. I notice a slight stutter when playing game and would like to know how I can make it go away. Would...
  10. K

    Does the I7 6700k compatible with Asus H110M-A or D D3?

    Hello everyone in the forums Now I'm getting a new pc at the end of my school year i saved up a lot of money to buy a cpu and gpu and im planning to choose a motherboard. this is just my temporary motherboard later on i will upgrade to a Z170. Is the Asus H110M-A or D D3 compatible with the i7...
  11. bcknee

    Crossfire stopped working

    Suddenly about 3 days ago I noticed my crossfire was no longer appearing in CCC I tried reseating it since I had taken out that card to replace the CMOS battery on my mobo but it still won't allow me to do crossfire I checked on GPU-Z and the entry is very strange for the second card it shows 0...
  12. E

    I have WIndows 10 PRO, but I am not getting the Join a Domain option. Any insight on this?

    I can connect to the domain, but then I cannot log in. Windows 10 issue
  13. N

    problems with bookshelf speakers

    i want to connect my bookshelf speakers to my pc. i have bought a t-amp that has Output power: 25WX2+45WX1 RMS and my bookshelf speakers i think they are 5 watt each as i see in thiis pic ( http://prnt.sc/b0l14m ) but the bookshelf speaakers are taken from the panasonic sa-pm3 stereo system and...
  14. E

    i5-3570K / R9 390X 1080p Gaming

    Hey everybody, been a while since I posted and can't seem to find help anywhere. Just a few questions. 1. Can the R9 390X actually fully utilise it's 8GB VRAM or is it just a marketing sham? 2. Will my i5-3570K bottleneck my R9 390X when I get it or will it not? (Sorry for the stupid...
  15. mrmandodude

    Best full PC setup for ~$850

    Would like someone to help me with a full PC setup, something that can at least max out Dark Souls 3 and newer upcoming titles @ 1080p. This would have to include kyb. & ms., plus the monitor and maybe a decent headset? One thing I kind of would of like is to have a keyboard that lights up, as I...
  16. I

    Laptop restarts after being awoken from sleep after new update

    I recently updated windows 10 and ever since, every time I close my laptop lid, the computer restarts upon being awoken. But this problem isn't limited to sleep from the laptop lid, if I manually go to the power options in the start menu and hit sleep, then wake my laptop up again, it still...
  17. H

    Jagged Edges suddenly appearing.

    My PC was running fine, suddenly I'm facing problem with jagged edges and shimmering. It's happening in almost every game. Settings are maxed out. Here is a little example: https://imgur.com/gbn3KWz Need solutions, please.
  18. L

    Help mixing cards

    Ive got a 390x and a 980, im wondering if i can install both of them, that way i can use the amd card for amd optimized games and the nvidia card for nivida optimized games.
  19. I

    3pin fans 4pin fan controllers?

    On my motherboard, i have 3pieces of 4pin fan controllers. In my case i have 3pieces of 3pin fans. I know that, i just plug in and leave the PWM pin, but... Somebody told me, if i plug a 3pin fan, into a 4oin fan controller, it runs the fastest rpm all the time. Is it true?
  20. Gallarian

    Skylake 6600k; worth it?

    Hey guys, Is Skylake and the new Z170 platform worth it? My current CPU is the classic workhorse, the i5-2500k. Here are my relevant specs: - Mobo: ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3 ATX - CPU: Intel i5-2500k @ 4.4Ghz - RAM: 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 - GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX2.0 (OC) - PSU...
  21. M

    The Witcher 3 ad graphics

    hi,i play all my games on 1280*1024 res using a gtx 960,8gb ram and an i5 4440.most gamesrun cool at 60+fps maxed out with nice quality but only the witcher 3,when i max it out it run at 40-50 fps but the pic looks awful and especially the grass and trees.Why!!!
  22. R

    Help With Gaming Pc Build

    Hello this will be my first time building a gaming pc would like some help on the parts. Power Supply: http:// Memory: http:// Motherboard: http:// Processor: http:// Hard Drive: http:// Video Card: http:// I know the video card is really old but I'm on a budget and will update the video...
  23. V

    Interesting FX-9370 experience

    Hey guys, This last week I built a system for a client who's primary intention will be heavy gaming with maybe the occasional non time constrained video encoding. In efforts to save some cash we both decided the FX-9370 was the choice and would pair it with the Crosshair V. Then we added a...
  24. L

    AMD A10-7850k Overclocking Help

    Motherboard is the ASRock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer Cooler is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo I have the cpu clocked at 4.2ghz at 1.5 vcore. LLC is at 0%. APM disabled. Cool n Quiet disabled. C6 disabled. Spread spectrum disabled. Turbo disabled. Everything else is on auto. The voltage is...
  25. H

    Laptop for editing on the go

    Greetings, I am getting ready to go on a six month canoe trip. I am connecting the trip to classroom by making 5 minute videos every week about the river and science topics. I have some video editing experience using a desktop with a 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, but I need something...
  26. B

    gtx 970 setup in a 850 dollar budget ?

    Hello, I am building my first gaming pc and i have an 850$ budget. Is there any config that someone can tell me about ? I dont care about the case ( nothing fancy ) and i dont care about the motherboard . I 'd also rather go with an intel cpu if i can (lower tdp). Any ideas ? PS : not...
  27. CooperPC

    Which one of these three laptops is the best for me?

    So my birthday is coming up in a few days and I am allowed to get a laptop around $600 for (mainly) FL Studio, personal use and school. I was browsing on JB HI FI and found these three i3 laptops, however they all look similar to me. So could any of you guys or girls please help me choose which...
  28. S

    New 3DS Handhelds, Wii U Games Fuel Nintendo's Rebound

    Yesterday, Nintendo posted its financial report for March 2014 - December 2014, and looking over the results, the report in general is positive. New 3DS Handhelds, Wii U Games Fuel Nintendo's Rebound : Read more
  29. V

    Issues with AMD R9 290 and AMD drivers

    So I have a r9 290 and I can't upgrade drivers after 14.4 this version kind of works but I get a BSOD once a week with a message 0xa0000001 any newer drivers than the 14.4 installation goes well with a success and then it asks me to reboot and I press ok, the PC boots, I log in to windows and...
  30. L

    Whis is the better graphics card for this system?

    System specs: Corsair carbide 200R i5 4690K OC 4.4GHz 8 GB 1600MHz ram Asus Z97-K motherboard 1tb hdd + 120gb ssd Windows 8.1 Should I either go for a superclocked gtx 970 (4GB EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0) or the normal gtx 780 ti? I do gaming (far cry 4, the crew, farsky, battlefield 4) on ultra...
  31. B

    What is a good graphic card for around $200-$400

    Im building a gaming pc and am looking for a good graphic card to match these specs. But first read this. I was looking at graphic cards and i came across two that I liked, Radeon R9 290 and GTX 970. The Radeon R9 290 have alot of reviews and more then 50% of those reviews are bad, there is...
  32. N

    How to create a new virtual disk

    After some screw-ups with my pc's windows (ended up dual booting, totally unwanted), I am left now with one single windows 7, and also with only 1 space disk, which is the local disk C. So basically, now i have 1 420 GB disk C, and no disk D. Is this bad? And if it is, how do I create a new disk...
  33. C

    Best Budget Video Card

    I'm looking for a video card that's in the price range of $200-$300. I'd prefer that you don't go over $260, but if the deal is that good I might go higher than $260. Please include the brand (MSI, GIGABYTE, ASUS, EVGA).
  34. R

    Need help on choosing the right budget UPS/AVR

    i really need some help on choosing what type of UPS/AVR im going to buy, what voltage or watt or whatever, and heres the components of the pc im going to buy Intel Core i5-4460 up to 3.40GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Single 1600 CL9 Seasonic S12II 520W...
  35. X

    Install AHCI drivers on Windows XP w/o reinstalling

    I have a dual-booted netbook with Windows 7 starter preinstalled and Windows XP installed on a second partition. Win 7 came preinstalled with AHCI controller, but windows xp hadn't Sata drivers so it also hadn't ahci/raid drivers. I installed xp in compability mode. When I want to boot to xp, I...
  36. U

    Motherboards CPU help

    I want a good mobo that will give me good performance in upcoming. Games I was quite interested in msi I have a i5 4690k and am trying to find mobo that will fit that please help me!!!
  37. J

    will cm glacer 240l fit in z97 boards?

    will cm glacer 240l fit in z97 boards? its 1150 socket
  38. S

    Drivers For Network Adapter

    I Had Just Format'd my HP PC and for some reason it asks to download drivers for network adapter can someone help me?
  39. N

    ASUS 7850 Radeon HD Video Settings help!

    Okayyyyyy, disregarding the site's wonky login system, I am posting about this issue a second time after being ignored for two days. Anyways, I have been watching Breaking Bad again, and was wondering if there were any experts that could help me determine the best settings to watch streaming...