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    Question What would you use the output on a magni amp for?

    Just bought a magni and modi dac amp stack, I've been using the rca input to connect to the amp. But I'm just wondering, what someone would use the rca output for?
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    Question Do I have enough ports for HTC Vive ?

    So I have the RTX 2070 oc mini ZOTAC, it has some ports that idk the names of, Im new to pc gaming idk shit, so I have enough ports for the HTC Vive ? If not , what will need? Adaptors ? Idk
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    How do i change my IP address

    Hey i was IP Banned from something how could i change my IP to bypass the ban thanks
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    R9 290 strange Crash

    Hey Yep i got a problem with the well known R9 290. When i am playing a GPU demanding game like GTA 5 my Screen tend to go fully black. When my screen goes black i see for like 1 second i see some small white stripes on my screen. these are gone after one sec. i got left behind with a full...