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  1. BjornGoessens

    Question Unplayable games with 16gb of ram

    Hello, im having a problem where my games are really unplayable now with like 10fps or more but still very low. I have had 8gb of ram before i installed 16gb ram into my pc, everything seems fine but only my games are the problem. I have been searching alot and doing fixes but to no avail, i...
  2. A

    Question High memory usage on laptop

    My MSI laptop has 16 GB DDR4 main memory and it gets over 40% full without any heavy application (it is 46% full as I am writing this thread). Right now chrome is taking ~600 MB but it can go over a gig with multiple tabs. This makes me concerned because: VS code takes up ~600 Mbs even when...
  3. E

    Question system detects 8GB instead of 16GB

    hi. I don't know if this was answered before and I really wanted to get an answer for my specific setup. Im using ryzen 5 1600, b350-f motherboard and tforce delta 8gbx2 2666mhz ram. i had this setup for more than 2 years and was able to play with no issues, then recently, i tried streaming...
  4. M

    Question Ram getting underclocked?

    Hey guys, i recently run a userbenchmark test, and it says my ram is clocked at 2133 MHz... it is a 3200 MHz ram, and i have tried D.C.O.P with it but have only been met with multiple B.S.o.D, some saying 'attempted execute of noexecute memory' others just plain saying 'critical process died'...