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  1. B

    Question DAC/AMP question with beyerdynamic mmx 300 v2

    Hello I just bought a pair of beyerdynamic MMX 300 V2, and with the sound blaster x7, which I'm returning because It's the most overpriced garbage I've ever bought. The problem with the Sound Blaster x7, was that when I launched a game the audio would dissapear and it would say that windows...
  2. RifatAhmed

    Why does my PC seems slower in 3gb Ram than it was with 2gb Ram?

    I had 2 1gb sticks installed but today i upgraded one stick with a 2gb stick so it's 3gb and technically it should've made the pc faster but instead i feel it has slowed down! I use Bluestacks with 2gb ram it used to run smoothly but now after upgrading the ram it's laggy all the time! :(