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    Question had a green horizontal line on monitor

    i had a green horizontal line across my monitor and it looked it was done for it was a very narrow line and it wasnt for loose gpu or ram cause i removed my pc power and just turned the monitor on ... and the line was still there.. but yesterday i was downloading something and my pc was on night...
  2. J

    Question Vertical line of pixels on monitor are a different colour

    So theres a vertical line of pixels, one pixel wide going straight down the middle that show different colours. However when using the various stuck pixel applications the line does not appear and it shows the right colour. The pixels on that line are not stuck on one colour, but show similar...
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    Best budget gaming laptop under 600$. $500 if possible

    So im searching for a gaming laptop around 500-600 I was doing some research and i found this 2 laptops: -ACER ASPIRE E5-553G ($550) -ACER ASPIRE 5 (A515-41G) ($600) is it good, and is the upgrade worth the price from the 550 to 600?? and if you have any other good ones pls tell me. If...