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  1. T

    Question Is it possible to increase hardware search time on my PC?

    Hello everyone, lately I've been dealing with issues when my PC sometimes and seemingly at random decides to not detect one, two, or even all three of my drives. After some digging I saw someone mentioning they increased the time their PC spends searching for hardware during startup, which...
  2. ShakMR

    Question Computer problems when recognising RAM/Disks

    Hello everyone, My computer has had this problem several times in the past and now I'm really annoyed by it. Last one happened on Monday (April 22th). The computer didn't want to start (not even a flash or fan trying to move) I though the PSU might be faulty to I unplugged everything and...
  3. N

    Multiple PC network struggle to stay connected

    Hi At our business we struggle with the PC's connected to the Main PC to stay connected. It Keeps losing the Main PC, and then sometimes almost always struggles to load again. We have 3 PC's that are linked with the Main PC, could it be the wifi? Even though the signal is very strong? Other...
  4. S

    Will this gpu fit on this motherboard?

    Will a radeon r9 270 fit on this motherboard?