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  1. Boris_yo

    Question Anyone familiar with this issue on Gigabyte and ASUS motherboards ?

    Hello, I don't think there is a solution to this problem except if replacing a motherboard is a solution. I want to find people who experienced similar issue that I am to describe here. 2 years ago when I bought PC, 6-7 months after purchase I have encountered an issue with PC not showing any...
  2. Doctor Gabagool

    [SOLVED] Motherboard lights up but PC won't turn on ?

    Hey all Here's my specs to start. Asrock B460M Steel Legend Mobo Intel i7 10700kf Patriot Viper 16gb 2x8 ram DDR4 3200 Zotac RTX2070 AMP Extreme Core Powerspec 750w Bronze psu Cougar mx-330g case Western digital sn750 m.2 2280 1tb ssd This was my first build ever. I put it together a little...
  3. T

    Question MotherBoard not working (sort of)

    I pushed back the computer monitor slightly and accidentally hit the computer case (gently). Then the computer shut up and restarted. However, there is no "beep" sound when the computer starts. There is power. The "double digit" red LED's which show the different "post code" or whatever it is...
  4. T

    Question Which part is failing on my motherboard?

    I have a relatively older build. Processor: Ryzen 1600. Motherboard: ROG B350-f RAM: HyperX RGB 16GB (8 x 2) GPU: GTX 1060 And an older PSU. The system ran generally fine, did what I needed it to do. No hiccups. One day though, I was watching a YouTube video and the display said, "going...
  5. wanted56

    Question PC turns on, no video and no sound from speaker

    Recently my PC that worked fine decided to not show video signal anymore. At first i thought that the GPU died or some connections might be loose, but after the initial basic checks, the issue was not resolved. I get fan spins on all case fans, GPU fan and CPU fan, it just keeps running for the...
  6. T

    Question Is it possible to increase hardware search time on my PC?

    Hello everyone, lately I've been dealing with issues when my PC sometimes and seemingly at random decides to not detect one, two, or even all three of my drives. After some digging I saw someone mentioning they increased the time their PC spends searching for hardware during startup, which...
  7. ShakMR

    Question Computer problems when recognising RAM/Disks

    Hello everyone, My computer has had this problem several times in the past and now I'm really annoyed by it. Last one happened on Monday (April 22th). The computer didn't want to start (not even a flash or fan trying to move) I though the PSU might be faulty to I unplugged everything and...
  8. N

    Multiple PC network struggle to stay connected

    Hi At our business we struggle with the PC's connected to the Main PC to stay connected. It Keeps losing the Main PC, and then sometimes almost always struggles to load again. We have 3 PC's that are linked with the Main PC, could it be the wifi? Even though the signal is very strong? Other...
  9. S

    Will this gpu fit on this motherboard?

    Will a radeon r9 270 fit on this motherboard?