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  1. Zectorr

    Question Crossfire on this Board good/bad idea?

    So i have 2 Rx 580s (ROG STRIX Models) And wanted to try crossfire them, yes i know crossfire isn't really a good idea, but for the games i will be playing it works just fine. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F This is the board i will be buying , will there be a bandwidth issue with the second card?
  2. W

    Question Windows Freezing on Startup

    I'm working on a PC and I'm kind of stumped at this point as to whats going on. My guess is either CPU or Motherboard but I'm seeking ways to diagnose or narrow down the problem as I don't have replacements. When I first started working on it I thought it would need a Windows reinstall. Windows...
  3. tmdbedaux

    Question Questions when upgrading my system

    Hello, so I'm hoping to get a new motherboard and SSD soon, so I just have a few questions. So, once I put my new motherboard in and set everything up, is there anything I should do in BIOS or just my computer settings, or anything else I should know about? I'm getting an SSD for more storage...
  4. sennehaest

    [SOLVED] Would this be a functioning computer?

    Hi there! Im looking to upgrading my: CPU, Motherboard, ram and CPU cooler. So I made a pcpartpicker link with how my pc is gonna be looking( ). The thing is that I'm not sure if these parts will fit, because I do not trust to pc part picker computer...
  5. B

    Question Little help with upgrading

    Hello everyone. So basically i have my 3 year old PC and it needs some upgrading no questions asked. To jump straight to the point i need help with little components. Right now i have combination of X4 860K and r7 370 2gb. But i would like to upgrade to Ryzen 5 2600x and GTX 1660ti. So im...
  6. Marthality

    Question Gigabyte B360 Aorus Gaming 3 Wifi, VGA red light turn on

    Hi guys, I have a little problem with my motherboard. When I turn my computer on a red light turn on too (not everytime). I've found in the guide that light shows that the VGA doesn't work normally, but the guide doesn't say what can be the problem. Can anyone tell me what can be?
  7. D

    Question Console Streaming PC upgrades

    Hi all, Almost 4 years ago I built a PC for streaming (on twitch) from my playstation. Bear in mind, I literally do 0 gaming on this PC. My specs are as follows; Computer CPU: Intel i5 4690K 3.5 Ghz Quad-core CPU cooler: NZXT kraken X61 106.1 CFM Liquid Motherboard: ASRock z97 Extreme3 ATX Ram...
  8. M

    Question MB Z370-A PRO not detecting GPU in PCI 16x.

    I am new to building PC's and so far have only dealt with 3 builds. In any case, please do not exclude some out of the obvious things that I could have made a mistake in but also acknowledge the fact that I have roamed around the internet for past 5 hours on various forums looking for the...
  9. Question Motherboard supports DDR3 but not 1600 memory frequency

    Hello, I have a motherboard and just now I bought a 8 GB single RAM module. The system powers on and passes the POST but it doesn't see the module at all, it only sees the other 2GB which is what allows it to boot in the first place... I'm not really sure what the problem is, the motherboard...
  10. techflame700

    [SOLVED] What motherboard should I get?

    I am going to be using an i5 9600K. I am deciding between the Gigabyte Z370XP SLI and the Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X. I kinda want to use the Z370XP SLI because of its additional USB headers and a better audio chip but I am worried about compatibility. Will the Z370XP SLI ship with a compatible...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] ASRock Z370 Pro4 BIOS 4 Fan

    Being a person who prefers the latest and greatest, I updated the BIOS of my ASRock Z370 Pro4. Ever since then the CPU fan revs up every so often, usually randomly during a game, but even when opening an application like Quicken or Word. Any idea why this is happening and how it can be...
  12. C

    Question Front audio not working

    So, I bought a case for about 10 USD, it was decent out of the factory, but due to it having lost one "leg" at the bottom and some bumps here and there, there was a discount. I bought it, plugged front panel audio in Windows 10, didn't work. Guessed it was just broken. But today, I just...
  13. H

    Question Messed with bios, computer wont start consistently.

    So i messed with my bios settings and then my pc wouldnt start up. I managed to get it working again just by removing the cmos battery then placing it back. Worked for a couple hours then i installed Geforce experience then it turned off. After this i tried the cmos battery again but it didnt...
  14. A

    Question No sound, only a static noise

    Hello! I have an issue with a new PC regarding the sound. There is no sound coming out from the speakers or headphones! The only sound is a static noise. It's really bothering, because it was the least issue i expected to have and im scared that the motherboard is faulty. Those are the speca...
  15. Myronazz

    Question Upgrading to a Ryzen system

    Hello, Intel user here. What happened: I need help with deciding a cheap upgrade to a Ryzen system. I have Intel currently and due to security issues I am highly considering getting Ryzen to have a complete peace of mind, plus it's time I start considering an upgrade because I have noticed...
  16. F

    Question Building a Gaming PC, need help with some components

    I'm building a gaming PC and want to future proof it so these are the components I am sure about, if there are better suggestions by not exceeding the price a lot, I'm open to them so this is what I've concluded in my system till now. I'll be doing 1080 and 1440 gaming mostly CPU- i7...
  17. T

    Question PC boots for a couple of seconds then shuts down

    Hi everyone. This morning I decided to clean my PC seeing it had a lost of dust built up especially around fans. I also unscrewed the cooler and applied new thermal paste. Ever since it won't boot up. It starts for a couple of seconds, doesn't go to post, there's no beep and it actually makes...
  18. J

    Question USB C port won't detect Pixel 2 XL on motherboard

    I recently upgraded the mobo on my PC, one of the new features I'm excited about is the USB 3.1 type c port on the front. Once I tried to connect my Pixel to the usb port, nothing happened. I tried reinstalling drivers but that didn't help; today I decided to connect my Nexus 6P to the USB C...
  19. Gosraj

    Question Which MOBO works best with this setup?

    Turns out I lied when I said that my last post that, well, was my last post. Now I'm here to just ask which motherboard would go best with this setup: Really just making sure it's compatible with everything (NVMe M.2, DDR4 3200, etc) I'd like to keep the...
  20. S

    Question High idle temps since bios update

    I've recently updated by BIOS for my MSI Pro Carbon x470 mobo and my idle temps seem to have jumped. Before the update I was idling at about 35 degrees, now it idles at 60, though only getting to about 65-70 when stress testing. So I would assume those idle temps should be a lot lower. Normally...