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  1. aluminium_apple

    [SOLVED] Mystery beeps coming from system sounds

    Hiya, I have recently installed an M.2 SSD and after a few teething problems with getting windows to recognise my HDDs I got up and running on a fresh install of Win10 pro. I verify my game files and hop right into a game and BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Every 30 or so seconds I get four mystery beeps...
  2. Danny918273

    Question New mouse not working

    So I got a new mouse from Trust, the LOCX GXT 133, works fine in desktop, but when i launched a game, the lag that it produced was incredible, I've tried everything from DPI settings to other usb ports, my previous mouse, Logitech UltraX Optical Mouse(yes I know ancient), worked just fine, same...
  3. K

    Question Mouse Issue help needed

    I have had this issue with 3 different mice now and im not sure whats causing it. Randomly when using my PC, the right click context menu will just pop up and if I ever try click anything normally, the right click menu comes up. I dont even have to be using my mouse, I can be hands off...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Mouse randomly clicking on its own

    So just today (havn't changed anything or installed anything new) my mouse does this thing where it would randomly main click (i've changed between left and right click) and then hold there and be unable to be used for like 5 sec and then do it again after about 10 sec. I've reinstalled the...