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  1. S

    Question Mouse and Keyboard not working after new Motherboard and CPU instal

    I finally decided to upgrade my pc. I upgraded my mobo to msi h370 gaming pro and cpu to i7-9700k. Once i was able to update the mobo bios with a different cpu i put the new one in and tried run it. The keyboard and mouse work in bios but not when i get to the start screen. I looked up a lot of...
  2. TheFearfulPizza

    [SOLVED] Keyboard & Mouse not working in BIOS

    Hi there, Recently when I activated XMP profile for my new memory everything was working fine as per normal. However now I have tried to go back into the BIOS and it appears however my mouse and keyboard are disabled and are not working in the BIOS meaning I can't navigate around it. I have...
  3. Qxxnn

    Question Mouse and keyboard stopped working after restoring factory settings

    I've recently restored my PC to factory settings due to an overload of files and data on my PC however once it has reset and pre-installed windows my mouse and keyboard now don't work. I cant log in or got to settings to download new driver updates because my mouse and keyboard aren't working...
  4. M

    Question BIOS won't boot, so I Have to Press Reset Button.

    Hi, every time i turn on my PC, none of the USB input devices work, as well as the monitor but all of the LED's and fans work. So I have to reset the bios by pressing the bios reset button and changing the bios via a switch, and then it finally turns on after 5 minutes of resetting the bios. I...