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    [SOLVED] MSI Z690 Force Wifi DDR5 Can't Install Ethernet/Wifi Drivers and getting error id 103

    As the title says I can't install those drivers. So this is a new build I was doing for a friend. MSI Z690 Force Wifi DDR5 i7-13700k I updated the bios perfectly, I can see the version in the top right. Next I installed a Wins10 Pro OS build from 2016. (<- note: this might be the reason. I'll...
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    Question Do I need some fine tuning??

    Just finished my build and turned on into bios, everything look normal?
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    [SOLVED] (Deadlock Issues) PC Freezes, Audio stops, Mouse and Keyboard turn off.

    I upgraded my system about a month ago, and while it worked fine for a few days, I have been having issues with system Deadlocks more recently. Everything in the below system specs are upgraded except the SSD, HDD, PSU and GPU. My system specs are as follows: OS: Windows 11 Pro CPU: i5 12600KF...