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  1. NMHGG

    Question Cannot connect to a dedicated server in a game via wi fi

    On the game "DayZ", I can't connect to official servers located on Singapore for unknown reason, and only Singapore official server, I can connect to official US, EU, NL, BZ servers I tried using mobile hotspot to connect and it work, but once i switch to wi-fi in game, it disconnects me I...
  2. codygriffy

    Need help with upgrade. Ryzen 1600x

    So I want to upgrade a few parts for a semi-new build. I'll be keeping some things, and changing out a few. I will mention the part and what I need help on. CASE- I currently have this one, will it work with AM4 boards...
  3. A

    How far can i go in getting a GPU for a Core i5 2500k CPU

    I have been using my PC for about 3 years now and im looking to upgrade my gpu. i want to know whats the best GPU i could get for my current system without running into a buttleneck. Core i5 2500k CPU and GA-P61A-D3 Motherboard. Can i go as far as getting a Zotac GTX 970 amp! Omega edition ?
  4. H

    Can a ADSL 2+ modem router support VDSL?

    Hi there, just as the title explains, can my ASUS N55U Dual-Band Wireless-N600 ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router be used on a VDSL connection?