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  1. setter43

    Question Would this case be suited to my build? (Fractal)

    Hey all, I have started a new build. I have chosen to go with the Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Mid Tower Case. I am wondering it would worth buying some additional front intake fans to help with cooling. Thoughts? If I was to get additional fans I was looking at two Noctua NF-A14 PWM, 4-Pin...
  2. setter43

    Question Help With Custom Build

    Hello, I am currently in the process of upgrading my PC. I have browsed through UK.PC Partpicker to check compatibility. I was just wondering if anyone could have a look at my parts list, and let me know if I have made good choices, and if the parts are compatible, Even more so if they will Fit...
  3. setter43

    Question Choosing a mother motherboard

    Hey I'm building a new pc, can any recommend a motherboard. I have three in mind. Which would be the best? I am open to recommendation for motherboards a little more expensive but these are what I'm currently looking at. I want to know if they would fit inside the case (NZXT H510i ATX Mid Tower...
  4. I

    Question Does removing SATA cable reduce gaming performance?

    I'm newb when it comes to PC gaming and someone recommended me to remove SATA port if I want to format and reinstall Windows and so I did. I never did this before that's why I'm worried that I somehow dropped my PC performance by doing so. I should've removed SATA port from HDD and not from...
  5. H

    Screen became dark grey all of sudden

    Hi, I bought my gpu on January 2018 and never had this issue. The whole screen suddenly turned into dark grey, but I could still see my cursor as normal color and others really dark. I could perform Restart while this happened , although it was dark greyish. What is happening?
  6. X

    clean installing windows 10

    Okay, so at the moment Im on windows 8.1 and Ive got like half a terabyte of stuff that i would like to keep before i upgrade. My question is, can i partition my hard drive and move all my stuff onto that new partition THEN upgrade to windows 10 and move it all back to the primary partition? or...