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Jun 6, 2020

I am currently in the process of upgrading my PC. I have browsed through UK.PC Partpicker to check compatibility. I was just wondering if anyone could have a look at my parts list, and let me know if I have made good choices, and if the parts are compatible, Even more so if they will Fit In the Case. The list is made up of parts I already own from my current setup and then the parts I intend to buy.

Parts already owned :

Part List here

I am open to recommendations but I'm not looking to spend much more from the current total (+- £100).

I was also wondering if I would need to consider any extra cooling within this build?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks In advance!
Hey there,

So what is the build for? Gaming, productivity, rendering etc?

The build is quite strong, but it might be worth considering some minor changes. I'd start with the CPU cooler. Although decent enough, I'd want something a little beefier in there to cool the CPU which can get hot. Maybe a Noctua NH-D15, or a midrange AIO would suit better. This will help keep the boost speeds of the CPU running more often and for longer.

If the system is just for gaming, then it's not necessary to have 32gbs of ram. 16gbs will do fine for now.

Apart from that, I think you are good to go.

As a side note, your system is very strong for gaming, the only limiting factor is the GPU. THe GTX1060 6gb is perfect for 1080p/60, so I understand why you haven't changed it. It would be worth an upgrade there in the next year or so to keep you gaming AAA at high/ultra levels of graphics goodness, and would also be good for a monitor upgrade down the line.

Good luck with your build :)


The 9700k is potentially a 200w cpu. The hyper212 is a 140w cooler, so can very well be totally inadequate for the job. I'd be looking at a much larger capacity cooler, like a beQuiet dark rock TF/4/Pro4, Scythe Fuma2, Noctua NH-U12A etc.

Dont split ram. If you want 4 sticks, buy a single 4x stick kit, otherwise the potential for incompatibility skyrockets. 1 kit is fully factory tested for compliance, 2x2 kits are not, only the individual kit is.

Very nice psu.

Don't bother adding front mounted fans to a nzxt 5x series case. Your gpu will get considerably better temp results with out front fans, allowing for full negative pressure approach. Just use nothing but rear/top exhaust.

Save some money by opting for the 510 vs the 510i. The 'i' includes a case fan hub and link for nzxt Cam software which is pretty useless for anything except an nzxt Kraken aio, and nzxt case fans with rgb. Neither of which you have. Otherwise it's the same case.

View: https://youtu.be/7HK5Aulw7YI

Same case basically, the 510 has a couple of tweaks, but overall it's the same. You can hunt around, but Steve has been anything but kind to the nzxt Smart device/2.
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Jun 6, 2020
Thanks for all the advice!

I have looked at the list @Zerk2012 and made a new rendition. I've previously only done one build. Will this be simple enough for a beginner?

My reason for 32gb is because currently, with the pandemic, I have been refined to working from home on my own machine, compiling code, and rendering features for games. This has been very demanding on my current build.
Would it be worth me getting 32gb of Ram, or is it unnecessary overkill?
I imagine I will be doing a lot more of this sort of work in the future.

Yes, the monitor and GPU will be getting upgraded in the future when the next generation of games are released (Cyberpun2077 etc). I am just waiting for a sale, Black Friday, or a summer cyber sale.

Here is the new rendition: here

So would I need to look into other additional cooling for the case, as stated by @Karadjgne? I don't overclock currently, I'm unsure if it will be something I do in the future. Thoughts?

Another thing I forgot to mention is I currently sport 3 Harddrives 2 SSD's and a 2TB HDD. Does the NZXT 510 offer ample space for internal drives?



Dec 4, 2019
It does have the space for 2 SSD's and an optional cage for maybe 2 HDD's I believe.

What's goofy about the whole airflow thing in this case is NZXT promo's show the it being used with a 240 AIO with the rad and fans on the front of the case. You cant mount a 240 anywhere else by the way.

A good air cooler is likely the best choice for keeping temps as low as possible. If your gpu cooling is really good it shouldn't matter if you go 240 AIO or air cooler.
Jun 6, 2020
I'm now wondering if the NZXT is the right case. I've been watching some reviews, and it seems to have a few questionable design features. What made me opt for an NZXT case was that professional yet sleek look.

Is The NZXT 510i a viable option?
Is there something more suitable which still appears professional, as opposed to over the top flashing gaming spaceship case? :tearsofjoy:


Fractal Design Meshify-C if you want fantastic airflow, or the Mini C if you want something a little smaller in an mATX platform.

Long renders and compiles are hard work on a cpu, so if going with aircooling I'd definitely go a little overboard on ability, like the Noctua NH-U12A and put it in a good airflow case like the meshify series. They are also sound dampened.