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  1. Lound93

    Question Need Help if possible please

    Sooo to cut a long story short I have the old corsair RM850 Gold and I've recently just bought the Rtx Nividia 2060 Super Gaming X, (built my own computer a good 10 years ago now roughly) with said psu and low and behold as life went on they've been stored somewhere super secure a place I can't...
  2. Hobarison

    Question Issue with HDD

    When I first built this pc I had to HDD's that I set up in a RAID-0 array for games and other things (nothing important). Winter of last year my pc fails due to a faulty RAM stick, although I didn't know this at first, and while trying to find a solution to the problem I decided to reset my pc...
  3. Djelaili_Djilali

    Question No single message

    I was playing the walking dead the other day when my screen froze and a buzzing noise was coming from my headphones i couldn't do anything i tried to alt+4,alt+tap nothing worked so i decided to restart the computer and since then its just turn on gives no signal message and stay on and...
  4. Tini

    Question Upgrading my PSU

    Can HP XW4600 WS 475W Power Supply 80 PLUS fit in my hp compaq elite 8300 cmt ?
  5. O

    Question Rust randomly crashes my PC

    Hello! So i have a problem with rust crashing my pc. The pc is new, I bought it a week ago the specs are: i7-9700k, rtx 2080s, 16GBs of ram. I have rust installed on a m.2 drive. The game crashes my pc usually after 30 minutes of gameplay sometimes even earlier. My question is what causes this...
  6. Sweetsammiches

    Question Water damage help

    I panicked and spilled water on my rig, it doesn’t seem to have reached any major places, only the power button and headphone jacks. I took off the front panel and dried the best I could but now when I turn the pc back on it reached the windows screen but when I put my password in it just says...
  7. johnsnstwin22

    Question why are my case fans not working as its supposed to?

    I have 5 case fans, 4 of which are connected via molex and 3pin rgb on my board from my case. I bought a new case fan which is 3 pin and connects to sys_fan on the board. it spins but after plugging the 3pin rgb in the other board there's no rgb... Also, my cpu cooler has 2 fans. one fan works...
  8. S

    Question Weird flickering

    So i have an issue where in all games this weird flickering happens and i dont know how to fix it. It's this View:
  9. J

    Question Why Isnt My Pc Working?

    hello Im trying to get my dell optiplex 990 mt to work again. The specs are Intel I5/ 8gb ram/ 1tb HDD I recently removed a hard drive out that pc because it had corrupted windows on it and it wouldn't allow me to open windows at all so I bought a 1 Tb HDD thinking it would work if I remove...
  10. Carl200113

    Question 3 Pin Fan Not Working ?

    Hi! I installed an Arctic P14 silent into my build today and everything is connected correct but my Bios or any other program isn’t picking it up? If it helps i have a ASUS Prime A320M-K motherboard :)
  11. DeathSentenceQ

    [SOLVED] SSD Not Recognized on laptop please help

    So i have the laptop Lenovo V310-15ISK and i recently bought a SSD ( Kingston A200 M.2 (2280) PCIe NVMe ) i installed it and nothing. The bios doesnt recognize it the windows as well nothing. Things i tried and didnt work: -Updated bios to get some new features like some sata management dunno...
  12. P

    Question I dont know what i can upgrade my graphics

    dell optiplex 790 core i5 computer package monitor a few upgraded specs from that model, but I and looking into getting a better graphics card, for some "light" gaming, like old FF games or sharing my sons gamepass for xboxwith the throwback games. League of Legends also runs rather choppy.
  13. H

    Question No display issue Help Please

    Hello I bought a new msi a320m-a pro max motherboard it all runs fine fans spin ect but had no display The other specs are: AMD 3 3200g 2x4gb 3000mhz sticks CX 600M PSU AMD 580 8GB NITRO+
  14. Funkygreen802

    Question URGENT!!! PC stuck in bootloop after mobo bios update

    After a bios update to try and get 3rd gen support on my ecs h61 h2m2 mobo, my pc was working. I put in my graphics card, as I was using onboard graphics before, and nothing on my monitor or tv... I removed it aaannnddd bootloop... this is my first build and I’m devastated that I can’t get it...
  15. Tannky043

    Question Change where new content is saved help!

    I am trying to download Sea of Thieves but my ssd doesn't have enough storage for it, so im trying to change where it downloads but everytime I try to change it, a window pops up and says "We couldn't Set your default save location" and comes up with an error code "0x80004004"
  16. B

    Question Computer freezes when playing intensive games

    Hello So I've been having this problem really since I built my PC which would have been back in 2016 I think, which is as follows: When I'm playing system intensive games (e.g. Call of Duty Warzone, Warhammer total war 2, hearts of Iron 4) my computer will occasionally completely freeze and...
  17. S

    Question help me

    hi 👋 x470 aorus ultra gaming gill evo 16gb 3200mhz ryzen 5 2600x gigabyte 5600 xt evga supernova 750w g3 I restarted the device and did not boot and a VGA or CPU lamp appears The BIOS and the drivers have been updated, and everything has been updated, but they are still waiting and not taking...
  18. J

    Question Help :(

    Specs Seasonic focus 750w gold PSU Gigabyte aorus 1080ti Asus maximus x hero motherboard I7-8700k intel CPU Corsair 16 gb DDR-4 3466 RAM samsung 500 go m.2 ssd Thermal take fans cpu aio pump My life is in shambles! This issue has been gradually getting worse. At first my pc would freeze when...
  19. DivineLion

    [SOLVED] My cpu is at 90 degrees Celsius how do I fix it?

    My cpu has lately been at around 90-95 degrees Celsius and i don’t know how to fix this. I have an AMD Ryzen 5 cpu and a NZXT kraken cooler. My friend says to reapply thermal paste but I don’t think that it will bring it back down to what it was before. It is a year old and even when idle it’s...
  20. 0CyberDyke0

    [SOLVED] [solved] BSODs

    OKAY SO I literally made this account because my partner's been wrestling with a bsod loop all morning. For context, this PC is a beefy little thing, The sort of PC this thing is is as follows: An HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 790 -0XXX which includes 32GB of RAM an Intel Core i7-9700 CPU @...