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  1. V

    Question DRAM light is on and the screen is black, how can I diagnose the issue?

    While playing Helldivers 2 my computer bluescreened and crashed. Upon attempting to restart, the DRAM light was on steadily and orange, and the monitor is black, not even going to Bios. I have already attempted re-slotting the RAM and the Graphics card, however neither of these have worked, and...
  2. lusxcas

    Question My PC isn't giving any image after changing to a 144hz monitor ?

    I upgraded my 60hz monitor to a 144hz, after I upgraded my pc started freezing randomly, stuck on an image and not responding so I had to reboot a couple times. then my pc just stopped giving image but it is turning on all the lights and fans, keyboard and mice, can someone help me? I already...
  3. MilanHun

    Question Weird screen after restart

    Hello, Can somebody help me? After I restart my pc I got this screen. It was just a normal restart anything else. I have a manli rtx 3070ti and a dell g2723H monitor. After I shut down my pc for a little time its again good. But why was that?
  4. Hudinted

    Question Toshiba C855-1UR Bios version

    Hi guys, i recently bought an I5 for laptop mentioned above, but stuck on old 6.10 bios with no download link to upgrade to 6.70 or 6.80 and therefore it wont post. can anybody please help? socket and tdp are completely matching with some guys sucsesfully put the same cpu. Current CPU =...
  5. Alfrz

    Question New system

    I just built my first pc and after starting one time it stopped turning on. I have already checked the power and reset cables, ram and gpu. Please help🙏
  6. O

    Question Laptop screen keeps turning black and shows multiple Taskbars ?

    OS: Windows 11 Image of my screen while it's bugging out: Hello, something is wrong with laptop screen. This has been happening for several months, but it was only once every few days so I didn't take it seriously. Now its happening multiple times a...
  7. BattaAug0201


    I recently just upgraded my gaming build with a new motherboard and everything seemed to be fine for a bit. I was playing Spider-Man Remastered on the High settings and left it on pause during gameplay because I had to deal with something. I left it on for almost an hour. When I came back to...
  8. S

    Question "Event 18, WHEA-Logger" error ?

    good day So i have this error for the past few weeks now and it doesn't go away, please if anyone can help me id appreciate it a heck load, i have checked for mini dumps and there aren't any so i'm totally lost and i don't even know where to start looking.
  9. Lilypadz

    Question Pc turn on but doesn't display anything

    Advance apologize for the grammar's I use I recently build a gaming PC and the specs are. Ryzen 5 5600 MSI B450m pro-vdh max TUF alliance 16x2 3600mhz cl18 Vega 56 Insplay gs650pro 80+ bronze The gaming PC work like a charm for about couple of weeks but I decided to repaste the GPU because it...
  10. Marshall W

    Question Wireless corsair peripherals, Help!

    Hey everyone! I hope your all having a good day or evening! Just finished setting up my fiences gaming rig, all went smoothly, everything is all done it's updates, but one small thing, she has a wireless keyboard and mouse by corsair and it seems to have a problem staying connected. It appears...
  11. R

    Question New Build Shuts Down Within a Minute

    RESOLVED (details in reply) I just finished a new build (here is the parts list) that I tried starting up for the first time this morning and it was immediately very loud. Half way into my windows install it shut down unexpectedly. Since that I've tried restarting three times, and each time it...
  12. rokeliss

    Question gpu mhz

    is core clock 2559mhz is too high?(gpu rx 6600) i downloaded msi afterburner and it was just like that i didnt changed anything
  13. T

    Question Is my GPU or my MOBO bad?

    Is there a way to definitively single out what is causing issues with my system? I have random and intermittent issues that I think are linked to either my MOBO or my GPU. ERROR #1 - BIOS being Wonky Firstly, I get a beep code on start up randomly. One long, 3 short. Which for Asus MOBO's is a...
  14. N

    Question System powers on GPU, Storage, and fans but motherboard won't and cpu fan will not spin

    Evening fine people Recently moved my pc from a diffrent room to a new room and tried to turn the system on, however when I tried to the pc will power on the GPU, the storage drives and a seperate fan controller but the motherboard will not power on as can be seen by the fact it's LED will not...
  15. Candaver

    [SOLVED] M27Q Monitor Not connecting through DP or HDMI

    I have recently got a new monitor and haven't had enough desk space to use my old one but now that I do I get no signal from it at all. I've tried hdmi and dp cables, they are secure and work, but still no input. Also went to display settings and tried to detect it but still nothing. I have an...
  16. DanAnderson95

    Question Pc wont post with display port plugged into GPU but works fine in mobo

    Please help! Just bought new b650 am5 mobo,7700x, dddr5 ram and gen 4 m.2 SSD to go with existing 3090, PSU etc. Pc posts as normal (apart from not recognising old sata m.2 ssd) with display port cable in mobo. As soon as I stick it in the GPU I get no display and have to force shutdown the pc...
  17. M

    Question So im new to building a pc and need help if these parts are compatible

    I'm sorry but I'm new so i don't understand most of this but will the AMD Ryzen 5 3600X be compatible with the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT ? And if so could someone help me with suggestions of other parts needed 🙏🏾
  18. brazillionaire

    Question TUF GAMING X570-PRO WIFI II red CPU LED on after restarting

    Background I have had this system for a while, and I recently changed the motherboard for the same model and added more RAM. The computer was working fine (I usually never turn off the system), and I had no issues with it until I updated the Nvidia driver to version 496.76. It asked me to...
  19. C

    Question Need a New Motherboard Upgrade, Have No Idea What Is Good/Compatible

    Hello- I just recently upgraded my RAM, and found out the speed is not compatible with my motherboard (even though it said it was on the manufactures website) and now and looking to upgrade my motherboard potentially. Here is what I'm currently running: Asus H110-Plus Intel I7-7700 Nvidia 1060...
  20. HashOnPC

    Question Game crashes

    Hi, I have a problem that causing crash while in games such as MW3, Ready or not Squad(sometimes) and I watched a video about about CPU speed in mw3 but I'm not sure and if it does so those games take affect also when the CPU is going above 4GHZ it causing those problems if it doesn't so what...
  21. E

    Question Small chip fallen off Aorus RTX 2070 Super

    Hey guys, I bought a used Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2070 Super and it arrived today, but I noticed that a small chip fell off. Is it a big problem? I really don't want to buy a new graphics card.
  22. D

    Question PC power cycling on and off but won't turn on

    pc was working fine when i left but came home and it was just power cycling on and off constantly and won't turn on. I tried disconnecting my gpu. I tried moving the ram to another slot and also tried with just one stick in different sslots. I also tried to reset and replace the cmos battery...
  23. D

    Question Problem with PC/Freezing only in fames

    Hi! I just got a pc, 1070 geforce with a ok prosssor.. Haven’t have any problems with it at all around 3 week when i have been playing CS2.. Yesterday i tried to play some CS2 and after 2min when the pc just turned on, its just freeze… The pc dosent freeze its only the game.. then i can...
  24. S

    Question New PC, Freezing badly.

    Hi All, My Gf recently bought a new PC ( prebuilt ) with the following spec Windows 11 Zotac 4070 ( dual fan) i7-14700kf MSI Z790-P WIFI 32Gb ddr5 TForce Ram 800W Gold PSU h100i AIO However, right out of box the PC is freezing extremely hard when opening thigs like Discord, Twitch, YouTube...
  25. P

    [SOLVED] RAM issue: Windows says 16GB installed (7.93GB Usable) ?

    I have: Windows 11 64-bit AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor 12 threads 3.40 GHz MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX (MS-7C02) 2x 8gb DDR4 (module manufacturer G.Skill) (DRAM manufacturer Samsung) (Part number F4-3200C14-8GTZ) In slot 2 and 4. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB It says only 7.93GB RAM...
  26. Pat22

    Question NEW High-End Gaming PC Build - DRIVER Installation Issues (cannot progress)

    So I just finished building a brand new gaming PC (, and have run into severe issues trying to get this up and running (finished it on 2023-DEC-10, Sunday), and I am nowhere close to being finished setting up the drivers, and have run into a brick wall...
  27. E

    Question Rapid BSODs on cold boot that don't happen anymore after computer has been on awhile

    I recently built a brand new computer. Nothing extremely special, more of a budget gaming PC upgrade after the old one. Here is everything I got. Asrock Z790 PG Lightning Motherboard Intel i5-13400 CPU CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 RAM 32GB (2x16GB) 5200MHz CL40 Intel XMP iCUE Compatible Computer...
  28. DillonCSK

    Question Computer randomly freezes, normally after being inactive for an hour or more.

    Randomly the computer will just free displays will be on but mouse and keyboard don't work, can't short press to shutdown or reset need to hold in the power button to turn it off. Seems to happen mostly when the PC is idle it is used for processing data so will be under 100% load for hours. I...
  29. E

    Question GPU and Ram suddenly died

    I need some help figuring out what could be the cause of my GPU and ram dying I was playing a video game and suddenly screen went black, i could still heard the sounds of the game though. Restarted the pc and same thing , pc would turn on but no picture, plugged the monitor to the motherboard...
  30. 1TMan1

    Question Ram issue

    My pc has been only showing 7.9 gigs of ram available but I have 2 sticks of 8 inserted in my pc and after further inspection I think I found a fix but I’m lost cause I think one of my ram isn’t inserted correctly but this issue has only recently started and it’s been working for a few years...
  31. rekkskk

    Question Monitor wont detect new gpu but will detect old gpu

    Im trying to switch from a 1050ti to 3060ti I got a new monitor. The old monitor only has dvi or vga for connecting the gpu but the new one only has hdmi and dp ports If i plug in the new monitor into the 1050ti using the dp port it works, however it doesnt work with the 3060ti I also cant test...
  32. tbean1

    Question PC won't start after installing new HDD

    Just as the title says I'm trying to install a Seagate IronWolf 3TB NAS HDD and my computer boots normal on just my SSD, but once the new one is plugged in it just turn on for a second and shuts off. I've made sure the cables are secure and the boot is only on my SSD, but no luck. I'm wondering...
  33. dmk1701

    Question Please help! Getting progressively worse

    Hi, I want to preface my post by stating that I am not particularly knowledgeable at all when it comes to PC hardware and software. I simply bought components and followed a tutorial on youtube to build my PC. I have little or no understanding beyond that. CURRENT SETUP: Ryzen 5900X, RTX 3070...
  34. kato_11112

    Question Mouse-cursor won't click on other windows ?

    So recently I've had this problem on my computer where the mouse cursor still moves perfectly fine but it only seems to respond to clicks within one process/window (and it's not always the same process), almost as if it's getting "locked in". The best way to describe it is to imagine a modal...
  35. WhiteRabbit000

    Question Screen tearing issue on desktop PC ?

    I just built a this system and it was fine before I conected it to wifi, it's also fine in bios. I set the resolution to 720p 1176 x 664 to stop the tearing so I can see. If I try to set the solution to pc 1920x1080 165hrz it go's black and stays until it reverts if I leave it set at 1080 ultra...
  36. yyyouseftarek

    Question I removed a stick of RAM while PC was still plugged in ?

    I shut down my pc and forgot to unplug it and i took out one of my RAM sticks and since doing that my pc won't boot even after putting it back. When i power it on everything is on and the fans are working but the pc won't boot up and after a minute or so the power supply's fan start making a...
  37. _EZsimple_

    Question 12900k running really hot 98 to 100c (brand new build)

    I have a i9 12900k on an Asus ROG strix 690-e and a 3080ti (this is my first build) and I’m running what I feel is way to hot in game it’s at 98 to 100C Case: Nzxt H9 Elite CPU: 12900k Mobo: Asus Strix 690-E AIO: Deep cool LT720 GPU: Gygebyte 3080 ti OC PSU: nzxt 1000 gold+ ( Brand new )...
  38. V

    Question I’m at a loss for a fix other than replacing parts

    Specs: xxx xfx Rx 580 8gb i5-10500 6c 12t Msi b460i gaming edge wifi 16 gb PNY xlrb 3200 mhz I’ve been trying to figure this out by myself for almost a year now, whether it’s replacing parts or just a problem I can’t comprehend. I’ve looked at so many threads and tried to find a solution that...
  39. xVito

    Question How do I setup my home mesh wifi network?

    Hello! I will be getting 1 gigabit internet in about a month and I wanted the house to have WIFI everywhere. I have never done anything like this in the past but I did a bit of research and I need someone who knows a bit more to help me out. My ISP gave me the G21 ONT...
  40. Terminasitor

    Question My new HDD is disconnecting while gaming

    Hello! I just got myself a 2TB WD HDD for some of my old games. I actually paired it with another 2TB HDD from Toshiba, that I already had and I decided to stripe them together in windows for better performance. However, when I try to play some games, I get many lag spikes and crash to the...