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  1. A

    need help to understand

    i have posted some non-verified Reviews on but it did not appear on feedback. i can not understand why they are not posted. i want to know details about their review policies and conditions. please let me know about this. thanks
  2. T

    Question No singal rx 550 4gb (device manager cant detect)

    i've plug my rx 550 4 gb in to my pc and i have no singal. fan is working properly and this card work at my pc before 1 week ago. i cannot see my GPU on device manager either. what im supposed to do? thnx
  3. M

    Question Did I burned my ram ??? please help !!!!

    Today I bought Kingstone ddr3 4 GB ram and the voltage mentioned for that on it's label was 1.5 v. I installed the ram and turned on the pc and there was no display and the memok button was continuously on with red light. after about one minute I turned off pc by pushing the power supply button...
  4. B

    Question pls help

    ive been having a problem for the past week or so where my keyboard, mouse, and headset will all turn off and reboot. I havent had a problem with this while watching netflix but i have when simply going onto the internet, watching youtube, or listening to music. It mainly happenes when im gaming...
  5. L

    Question Motherboard for i7 3770

    Hey guys I’m new here and I’m looking to build a budget gaming computer just to get a foot in the pc gaming door. I’ve been looking around for the best bang for the buck motherboard for my i7 3770 processor but I probably know too little to find a good one. I need it to be overclockable with...
  6. Xerquz

    Question Need help diagnosing a problem!

    So I switched PC cases to one with better air flow and now the computer only shows a black screen. It turned on and I was in Windows for about 10 mins when the screen when black. Everything was working fine, now it's not. I double checked and everything is plugged in correctly but when I power...
  7. A

    Question Please suggest a GPU for below

    Its silly for a LGA775 socket i know but due to tight budget issues i have to do this. I have a mod Xeon x5450 3.0ghz 4cores 4 threads 6gigs of ram, 450w psu Now i wanted to add a GPU and i am confused between these two- GTX 750ti 2gb or GTX 950 2gb. Please help guys
  8. The squiggly

    Question Will it work

    I was wondering because it says on pc part picker that there might be some bios problems if I use an Intel i5-9400f with a Gigabyte - B360 AORUS Gaming 3 WIFI ATX LGA1151 Motherboard will it work if not can i fix it or do I have to get a different motherboard and if so any suggestions this is...
  9. T

    Question Watch Dogs 2 MASSIVE Stutters and FPS drops - 8700k @4.9Ghz / 1080ti

    Thank you for taking the time to read. Im fairly new to PC gaming as I have upgraded from an Xbox one X, however I do know a bit about the technical side of things. I have OC'd my CPU to 4.9Ghz with 65c max temp under aida64 bench. My GPU is OC'd slightly but nowhere near its full potential. In...
  10. Sc4fy

    Question I keep losing video outout from my pc

    Whenever I try to boot my pc, it first shows me the log in screen but then my pc stops giving a video ouput and freezes. I can't turn it off normally but instead I have to hold the power button for 5 seconds. I have tried placing my gpu in a different pci-e slot and have managed to succesfully...
  11. N

    Build Advice Need help!!! First time builder

    I plugged in every component of my pc and when I pressed the power button nothing turns on. Important info: Yes. I did make sure the power switch was on. Yes. It was plugged in to the wall. I unplugged front panel headers, cpu power, ram, mobo power. I made sure all of these cables were in...
  12. N

    Question Gpu not working

    I bought the gigabyte GeForce gtx 1050 ti but when I load up games it warns me that my gpu might need to be updated to run features so I installed updated drivers on the gigabyte website for nvidia. However after the update I cannot see my cursor anymore. Can anyone plz help
  13. M

    Question Can't boot from ssd with freshly installed windows

    Hi! I am building a pc with a 980ti, r5 1600, 16gb 3200, cx850m, prime b-350 plus, and an inland 240gb ssd The ssd does not like me. And with the trouble it has caused me, the feeling is mutual. I had had the build fully assembled with a different, 128gb ssd, and it worked great. Ran...
  14. A

    Question Help choosing 128GB RAM for Threadripper

    Hi, I am getting a new built and I need to get 128GB of RAM, but I don't know which one is better or at least compatible My parts until now: Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha Threadripper 2950X+Liqtech II 360 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB Firecuda 2TB 2080 Ti (still pending) Corsair AX1000 80 plus...
  15. S

    Question PC keeps rebooting when trying to play certain games or during those games

    I recently installed a new graphics card on my old Acer predator pre buit pc that had a geforce gtx 745 in it that I replaced with a geforce gtx 1070. In some games I play such as: hitman 2 and sekiro they work just fine. when i try to play plague tale: innocence, it reboots every time I try to...
  16. S

    Question Help needed ASAP!

    So, lately I've been having some performance issues with my PC and thought it was my GPU. I recently discovered it was my CPU, this was concluded after checking my temps. When my pc is first started the temps are around 40 C but when under load or idling it stays at around 92 C even when not...
  17. N

    Question Help

    Do I need integrated graphics or a gpu in order to start up my pc for the first time or do I not because mine isn’t currently starting up without one
  18. N

    Question PC isn’t working help plz

    I bought this build: ryzen 5 2600, gigabyte b450m ds3h, vengeance lpx 2x8gb 2400Mhz ram, 550w bronze 80+ psu but when I turn it on the fans spin but nothing shows up on the monitor and I already tested the monitor and it works. the mobo’s light up pattern only lights out on the far left does...
  19. S

    Question Graphics card in PC build help

    I have a GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics card in a silver stone milo 8 case. The problem is that the card is barley to thick for the case. Only a few millimeters. I was wondering if I could remove the back panel of the card to get a few more millimeters to make the card fit. It would be flat against a...
  20. T

    Question Building £700 Gaming PC

    Building a £700 gaming pc. So far i have come up with this Not sure if this can be improved in anyway but dont really want to go over £750