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  1. rbrown99

    Question Is Xeon E3-1275L v3 compatible with Lenovo M73 Desktop (H81 Chipset) ?

    Hello, I've been looking online and trying to figure out if this is a compatible and good upgrade I recently bought a ThinkCentre M73 Desktop with i3 4130t (upgraded to 16Gb ram and 500GB SSD) from FB marketplace. I've been using this system to run game hosting servers, modded Minecraft...
  2. Slothage

    Question 2070 super no signal

    Strange issue that has been eluding me now for 4 hours, pc was running fine and decided to restart it as it had been on for a few days. Windows shuts down but doesnt come back on, everything has power all leds on and fan spinning but monitors showing no signal. So far i have tried to swap the...
  3. V

    Question Seemingly ok PC all of a sudden doesn't boot.

    First of all, sorry if this post is not made in the correct section. I was cleaning my CPU fan and replacing the thermal paste and now my PC does not boot. I have checked all of the cables including the 24-pin, the 8-pin ATX supply, the 8-pin connected to my GPU and all the small headers such...
  4. M

    Question Mastercode for toshiba

    Hello everybody i need mastercode for Toshiba hdd MQ01ABF050 2.5" 500gb. Had to do plate swap (everything on old hdd died and client had some data on it so i swaped plates and got Enter user code and than master code.... -.-' As with all big company's didnt get respons.
  5. K

    Question Xfx Rx 590 8gb fatboy Issue

    So pretty much, I have had this card for close to a year and its already start giving me problems. Recently, when ever I would launch a game like fortnite, my whole pc will freeze, than my monitor will go black and come back up. I have the latest software and drivers installed. my psu is a...
  6. E

    Question In great need of troubleshooting help (microstuttering)

    Hello to all ! A few weeks ago my desktop computer started acting strangely, games that used to run just fine like Prey would suddenly microstutter, making them unplayable. It feels as if there was some software in the background slowing down my rig - complete with the fans roaring loadly when...
  7. Myst_8362

    Question Plz rate my pc and modify

    I need a 2000 pc and am looking into the furure so gpu price will be the release price and I am going for a white-black theme with rgb cpu wanted: i7 or ryzen 7 or higher Gpu: 2070 super of higher (no amd cards plz :)) ram 32 go sticks with rgb storage: at least 500 gb nvme or ssd and plz use...
  8. eL_GaFaNhOtO-

    Question Please Help! PC turns off randomly, restarts randomly and shows "New CPU Installed".

    Hi guys, good morning/afternoon/night. I'm having problems with my computer for more than a month now and I don't know what to do. I'll try to be very precise, but English is not my first language. First off all, when I turn my PC on, sometimes the message "New CPU installed" appears. It shows...
  9. A

    Question Ryzen 5 5600x high temps and max fan usage

    I have recently ( a month or two) have been using the Ryzen 5 5600x with the stock wraith cooler and have had no problems till now, I had average temps based on the forums and could barely hear the stock cooler fan. All of a sudden a terrible problems has occurred, this is regarding the heat of...
  10. Question Use this 1970's Kenwood Amplifier as a Case

    I have an old Amplifier from the 70's that doesn't work any more. I am inclined to turn it into a vintage looking gaming rig (under $2000). Can it be done? I should have prefaced this with... I have no idea what I am doing!
  11. Cosmo Usoro

    Question RX 550 Keeps Crashing and Malifunctioning!

    Hey everyone! I've recently bought a RX550 and it keeps crashing after 5 - 10 minutes of gameplay. I've tried all of the YouTube methods, none work for me. Here are the rig's specs No Hate Please MB : Asrock A320 (Socket AM4) CPU : Athlon 3000g SSD : (Don't know a lot, it just says "PATRIOT...
  12. E

    Question Black screen with fans max crashes.

    Hello i ve been having some problems for some weeks now with my pc. specs: Asus rampage iv extreme mobo 16 GB ram g skill + 16 GB ram mushkin i7 4820k proccessor cooled with a corsair liquid cooler 1080ti strix oc GPU Seasonic x series PSU some SSD drives and a big HDD I run a 3 screen setup...
  13. PatrikS_2004_HuN

    Question hello guys i tuday purchased Rainbow Six SIege and my processor have 100% and temperature is around 50-55 is bad or good its i3-10100f

    hello guys i tuday purchased Rainbow Six SIege and my processor have 100% and temperature is around 50-55 is bad or good its i3-10100f
  14. Engired

    Question GPU stays at 100 in task manager, and whole system starts to lock up.

    It has to be idling for a while for it to lockup. I can only do a few things, not even the right click menu shows up. I can open task manager, and sign out. The GPU logo also goes completely off. After signing out, the logo comes back. Nothing is reporting 100% GPU usage on the first tab of task...
  15. DrLight1491

    Question Need help now with Nvme data not reading

    I have been using my computer now for about 8 months and got a new case, after moving everything to the new case I got to boot it up and it now says "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" I have tried reseatting the drive and...
  16. D

    Question Random FPS drop while gaming

    So guys I have a i9-9900k, RTX2080 super 16gb ram and 750w PSU asus rog Maximus XI hero motherboard And an SSD. I am getting random stutter in every game I play. I will drop from 200+ FPS to 50 for a couple seconds then back to my normal FPS. It only happened after I updated my drivers to new...
  17. E

    Question My gaming pc doesn't run well anymore, need help

    Hello good folks. I need your help to pinpoint a major issue with my gaming rig. About two weeks ago it started to behave weirdly, stuttering on the desktop and in games even though everything was fine before - Prey, which I was playing at the time, ran smoothly up until the issue appeared. The...
  18. Spanner 69

    Question Help!!! Last year I built myself a pc for gaming and ever since it’s been issue after issue

    Hi Basically last year I built my first gaming pc and ever since there has been a tonne of issues when playing games. every time I attempt to play a game it boots me back to my desktop after 5 minutes or reboots my whole computer into the bios. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600x Corsair Vengeance 2x8 gb...
  19. E

    Question PC suddenly started to slow down, why ?

    Hello to you, first of all I wasn't sure wether I should post this thread in this section or in "PC gaming" since I seem to have an issue with my whole system. I apologize if this is the wrong place. Roughly two weeks ago shortly after I had moved out an issue started to manifest itself out of...
  20. U

    Question My GPU is not picking up complete load and CPU overloads (temp upto 98C), what should I do? :(

    I have a gaming laptop (Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51) with specs :- i5 7300HQ @2.5Ghz NVidia GTX 1050 with 2GB VRAM 8GB RAM DDR4 I have been using this laptop for 1.5 years and found no such problem before. It started 2 weeks back when I noticed sudden fps drops in Apex Legends(@720p😐) and also...