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  1. W

    Samsung s8+ cable issue

    Hello, I've got a problem with all my 4 USB c cables. Since I got the phone I have used it with the original cable and wall adapter. But after a month of use the phone said that there is slow charging, use it with the supplied charger. So I thought "maybe the cable broke" so I bought another...
  2. M

    Question Graphics Card not working at full capacity

    Hello I have a Radeon RTX 580 8gb graphics card. I have noticed that when I play games that my frame rate has decreased in some low demanding areas of the game but not in high demanding areas. To clarify I have a 144hz monitor and set all my max frame rates in games to 144 fps but I have noticed...
  3. G

    Question EZ RAID accidently enabeld. Need help

    Its pretty much like in that thread; But i cant solve it.
  4. G

    Question No Video / No Boot. need help

    I dont really know if it belongs here. Its a Hardware and Software Problem. But the Main Problem is the pc doesnt show any Video. Heres what happened: I messed up something in the BIOS setting and Windows could not boot. I tried to reset the bios settings. I did that but the Computer would not...
  5. G

    Question about noise my pc makes

    I have recently installed some components and after a few days my computer makes a buzzing noise on occasion, it stops when I pat or touch the case and or water cooler (im not suggesting that its the water cooler). The noise occasionally starts when I touch the case in general. I checked all...
  6. Shady0987667890

    Question Ryzen 7 2700x build. HELP

    Hello. I basically dont know much about pc's and im still learning. I've been gathering some information here and there and i think i might know the basics. I want a ryzen 7 2700x build (x version because i dont wanna mess with over clocking).2×8gb of ram(3200hz ones because a lot of reviews...
  7. pookshuman

    Question Building a new system, please tell me some things about Win10

    OK, So I have been putting off upgrading from Win 7 for as long as possible. Everything I hear about 10 sounds awful. The privacy concerns especially. But now I heard that if you register Win10 with a motherboard or other hardware, you will be "locked" to that hardware with that version of the...
  8. P

    Question My PC keeps crashing, below are the symptoms and specs:

    So basically my PC keeps crashing whenever I play a game whether it's Minecraft or Mortal Kombat. The whole display freezes and I cannot move my mouse or use my keyboard. Please help? It's been doing this for months. I'm pretty sure all my drivers are up to date and I've checked to see if it's...
  9. S

    Question UPS making noise PC shuts down

    Recently, While I was playing a game called Ark: Survival Evolved, my APC UPS made the noise that it makes while there is no electricity for 2-3 seconds, and it returned to normal but my PC shut down and restarted. Once more after that, I started Discord and the game. And after a few minutes...
  10. T

    Question How do I know if my graphics card is working correctly or if my ram sticks are?

    Recently my gaming pc made a lot of noise everytime I used it and I don't know why, but it did it for about a week and after it stopped making the noise my pc started lagging really badly. It normally runs games on high graphics at good fps rates but not anymore, and it even logs using just...
  11. nejc467

    Question 144hz monitor amd freesync

    hi guys i wonny buy this monitor( ) witch have amd freesync but i have nvidia gtx 960 oc 2gb. mostley i play cs:go and allready have more about 250fps... so will i got 144hz from monitor or not? tnx for answears ;)
  12. MrHowardy

    Question Tried every think. Need help please

    I started getting audio static/interference though my headphones just after the bios screen shows on start up. it also can be heard though the mic. I have had a soundblaster z card for a long time now and thought it could be that so removed it from the system and tried the on-board audio and it...
  13. J

    Question My build wont post no display no power to usb keyboard

    I'm so confused my newly built pc wont post Ryzen 5 2600 Mis b450 gaming carbon pro ac 16gb 3200mhz corsair vengeance lpx 650w evga g2 Turns on stays on but just looking at a black screen.
  14. A

    Question Had to forced off PC every time I want to turn on the PC.

    When I turned it on. Lights will turn on but it will not start up. Had to force it off then switching it on again and then only it starts up. But it will show me the forced off error and I have to enter into BIOS setting to boot up manually. This happens every time I need to turn on. This...
  15. G

    Question AiO Cooling Pump (Fast awnsers pls)

    Hello, I have a Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Gaming WiFi rev. 1.0 Motherboard. My basic intel Cooler broke, and i had to replace it. So i thought to build in a AiO shouldnt be a Problem. So i bought a be quiet! Silent Loop 240. And i have no idea where to connect the Pump. (Fans are all connectet...
  16. D

    Question Performance issue

    So, I have a i5-4460 pared with a 1050 ti with 8gb. This shouldn't give me any performance issues at 1080p medium/high grafics right? Well... No, i'm getting a lot of frame rate problems... I was wondering if anyone would know the answer... GTA V for example, i can play it fine for some time but...
  17. N

    Question network affect problem

    i have 3 modem using dhcp setting in one network. when one modem down, why will affect whole network?
  18. C

    Question I think I broke my audio in my motherboard

    Recently I have tried putting my mobo into a new case and that didn't work so well so I put it back into my Dell Inspiron 3847's original case, since then, the audio hasn't worked, my pc came with Realtek audio and nether does the mic or the sound work, I have tried installing the drivers...
  19. K

    Question Help downloading a apk file

    I have an old Kyocera Echo I am using because of an emergency. The Tablet Mode Extension app does not work because it is no longer in the app store. This device is running Gingerbread. I am looking for a apk file Tablet Mode Extension com.kyocera.tabletmodeextension Any help would be great
  20. I

    Question Can't Uninstall GTA V in all possible ways

    Hey Guys I Cant Uninstall GTA V in all possible ways even the programs and features I can see the app but if I Try to Uninstall it this will come up "Windows cannot Find D:\Games\Grand Theft Auto V\unins000.exe make sure you typed the name correctly" this thing I Did go to the file location and...