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  1. T

    Question Watch Dogs 2 MASSIVE Stutters and FPS drops - 8700k @4.9Ghz / 1080ti

    Thank you for taking the time to read. Im fairly new to PC gaming as I have upgraded from an Xbox one X, however I do know a bit about the technical side of things. I have OC'd my CPU to 4.9Ghz with 65c max temp under aida64 bench. My GPU is OC'd slightly but nowhere near its full potential. In...
  2. Sc4fy

    Question I keep losing video outout from my pc

    Whenever I try to boot my pc, it first shows me the log in screen but then my pc stops giving a video ouput and freezes. I can't turn it off normally but instead I have to hold the power button for 5 seconds. I have tried placing my gpu in a different pci-e slot and have managed to succesfully...
  3. N

    Build Advice Need help!!! First time builder

    I plugged in every component of my pc and when I pressed the power button nothing turns on. Important info: Yes. I did make sure the power switch was on. Yes. It was plugged in to the wall. I unplugged front panel headers, cpu power, ram, mobo power. I made sure all of these cables were in...
  4. N

    Question Gpu not working

    I bought the gigabyte GeForce gtx 1050 ti but when I load up games it warns me that my gpu might need to be updated to run features so I installed updated drivers on the gigabyte website for nvidia. However after the update I cannot see my cursor anymore. Can anyone plz help
  5. M

    Question Can't boot from ssd with freshly installed windows

    Hi! I am building a pc with a 980ti, r5 1600, 16gb 3200, cx850m, prime b-350 plus, and an inland 240gb ssd The ssd does not like me. And with the trouble it has caused me, the feeling is mutual. I had had the build fully assembled with a different, 128gb ssd, and it worked great. Ran...
  6. A

    Question Help choosing 128GB RAM for Threadripper

    Hi, I am getting a new built and I need to get 128GB of RAM, but I don't know which one is better or at least compatible My parts until now: Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha Threadripper 2950X+Liqtech II 360 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB Firecuda 2TB 2080 Ti (still pending) Corsair AX1000 80 plus...
  7. S

    Question PC keeps rebooting when trying to play certain games or during those games

    I recently installed a new graphics card on my old Acer predator pre buit pc that had a geforce gtx 745 in it that I replaced with a geforce gtx 1070. In some games I play such as: hitman 2 and sekiro they work just fine. when i try to play plague tale: innocence, it reboots every time I try to...
  8. S

    Question Help needed ASAP!

    So, lately I've been having some performance issues with my PC and thought it was my GPU. I recently discovered it was my CPU, this was concluded after checking my temps. When my pc is first started the temps are around 40 C but when under load or idling it stays at around 92 C even when not...
  9. N

    Question Help

    Do I need integrated graphics or a gpu in order to start up my pc for the first time or do I not because mine isn’t currently starting up without one
  10. N

    Question PC isn’t working help plz

    I bought this build: ryzen 5 2600, gigabyte b450m ds3h, vengeance lpx 2x8gb 2400Mhz ram, 550w bronze 80+ psu but when I turn it on the fans spin but nothing shows up on the monitor and I already tested the monitor and it works. the mobo’s light up pattern only lights out on the far left does...
  11. S

    Question Graphics card in PC build help

    I have a GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics card in a silver stone milo 8 case. The problem is that the card is barley to thick for the case. Only a few millimeters. I was wondering if I could remove the back panel of the card to get a few more millimeters to make the card fit. It would be flat against a...
  12. T

    Question Building £700 Gaming PC

    Building a £700 gaming pc. So far i have come up with this Not sure if this can be improved in anyway but dont really want to go over £750
  13. __2060__

    Question NAT type is strict, preventing me from playing certain games with friends

    In almost every game i play the NAT type is strict and this is preventing me from playing games with my friends and it is really frustrating i have tried every possible solution i can think of i have Port Forwarded the games i wanted to play, i have set my pc as a DMZ, i have check to make sure...
  14. F

    System has become very Slow

    MY SPECS: AMD FX 8350 @4.0...
  15. W

    Question Vga led aurorus x470 ultra gaming

    I just recently built my first PC I'm getting a VGA light on my motherboard I was playing my PC the other morning and it was running just fine I was able to restart it a few times and got to work but none of my games were working so I decided to restart it again now I can't get past the bios...
  16. H

    Question Black screen after the option to enter the bios

    So I have been having this problem, it happened after I uninstalled and reinstalled the Asus aura app. When It was done reinstalling it asked me to restart my PC, and I did and now my windows will not load it just gets stuck on a black screen right after it asks if I want to enter the bios. The...
  17. T

    Question WiFi is on and off only for some programs

    Hey, Im using an asus pce-ac51 network adapter. In games like Overwatch, and programs like google, they say I lost connection, but discord says I have internet. I can do google searches or play games, but I can chat on google. This is on and off and random moments in time as well. I tried...
  18. marthanaan

    [SOLVED] [HELP] My AMD RX 570 keeps crashing and i don't know what to do..

    3 weeks ago i build my second gaming pc and here's the specs AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5GHz (Stock clock, no overclocking) ASRock X370M Pro 4 (X370 Chipset and quad channel DDR4 RAM) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400 MHz (Stock clock, no overclocking) 2 sticks MSI ARMOR Radeon RX 570 4GB Aero Cool Lux 550w...
  19. C

    Question My computer can't run games that it used to be able to

    My pc cant run games that used to perform just fine. Also the computer it's self lags. For example, When i try to live stream it'll lag even if I don't have any other program open. I recently updated to windows 10 from windows 8 but i doubt that's what did it. Please help Graphics Card: Nvidea...
  20. R

    Question No display and no beep

    Hi, so I started having problem, some time ago, so pc sometimes will just shut down and restart but I get no beep at the beggining and no display, only the cpu fan will start working and the others wont turn on, even if I get a beep and I can use the computer only the cpu fan is will work, I...