Question Pc crashing at random times and VGA LED on

May 11, 2023
GPU: Rx 6600
CPU: Ryzen 5, 5600X
Ram: 2x 8Gb g-skill idk 3.2Gz
Motherboard: MSI B450 Pro-VDH Max
PSU: Be Quiet L-11 500Watt

So my pc just crashes at random times. It is a quick crash, resulting in reboot without an error code displaying.
Sometimes it boots again, sometimes it gets stuck at the boot key options.
Most of the time, the VGA light on the motherboard lights up and the monitor either turns on with a dark screen grey screen or isnt being detected.
Sometimes the problem resolves with rebooting.
Sometimes i have to reseat the gpu.
I have tried with another gpu, no help after a crash. But it once booted up with another gpu.
(I already completely took apart the pc like 3 times now)
Normally i like fixing things, but im a nursing student, dont have time for fixing.
Seriously, no fun, not exercising bec trying to fix this, i study with flash cards on excel.
I dont have the money for parts and just cannot figure out what the damn problem is. Event Viewer is absolutely no help either.