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  1. Question Help! i7-4790k Running hot

    So I've replaced my mobo, CPU and case. Have built innumerable pc's for myself/friends/as pvt techie, but I've not be able to get the idle temp to go below 75c. Board - Gigabyte Z97x - Gaming 7 CPU - i7 -4790k Cooler - 360mm be quiet GPU - GTX 1080 ti Internal Case temp - 24-26c I'm not...
  2. G

    Question No signal on monitor + constant orange light[New build]

    First of all, I've tried a lot of things after reading trough the forum some issues regarding this problem and still I have that little orange devil there and no signal... Specs: Mobo: ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming GPU: Aorus RTX 2070 Super 8Gb CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x RAM: 4x ADATA XPG Spectrix D41, 8GB...
  3. H

    Question Gtx 1650 help please!

    hey guys, I am thinking of what version to order for the gtx 1650, and the one that seems to fit my needs so far is the msi gtx 1650 ventus. was wondering if the graphics card would fit into this case. Oh and if you have better versions that isnt bigger than the ventus and doesnt require 6-pin...
  4. Y

    Discussion Computer would not post black screen

    Hey guys, I need some help recently I have built a pc and works fine but when I change my graphic card it would not post and I was greeted with a black screen so I changed back the graphic card and the result is also the same. The moba has a red light at the vga led and then after a while it...
  5. C

    Question Gpu randomly turns off when gaming

    Part list Mobo: Msi B450 pro M2 Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600 Gpu: Msi gtx 1060 6gb gaming x PSU: Masterwatt 650 watt semi modular Ram: 8gb corsair vengance Hard Drive: 1tb barracuda I have a gtx 1060 6gb by msi and whenever I game it will randomly shut off. Now when I try to turn on my pc everything will...
  6. E

    Question HELP ME!

    I have been looking around for power supplies and I was looking for a reasonably priced bronze rated PSU from a decent brand. I decided to go with the Thermaltake Smart Bx1 80+ bronze rated power supply, it is 650w. I’ve read reviews and watched a couple of videos on this and they say that the...
  7. Y

    Question Help me!

    Hi, I am currently using a Deathadder and it feels so huge my wrist hurts after a few hours. I saw a youtube video and started measuring my hand. On this video, they told me I have to time my hand size (X 0.6). View: I have 6.5 inch X 4.3 inch but...
  8. mister_flowers

    Question Help diagnose no post/boot

    Before I get into the details I want to clarify that I have already put in a couple of hours of mindless troubleshooting. Clearing CMOS, removing the battery, one stick of ram, different types of ram, different slots, with GPU, without GPU. I say that just to state where I am in the process now...
  9. O

    Question My vega 56 has suddenly underclocked

    I recently factory rest my windows and the first thing I did after the setup is undervolt my gpu. I followed a really good guide and i used msi kombuster for stress testing. After that i went on steam and downloaded rainbow six siege. When i got in game(normally i have 160-200fps) i only had...
  10. Wizard_of_Angels

    Is a pc Upgrade needed?

    Just a clarification I am not a pc expert in any shape or form, i would not even call myself a beginner, I just want to know some facts so I can move on with an upgrade or a new pc in general. This are my system specifications: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i3...
  11. N

    Question Help me to install Win10

    Hi I have a Windows 10 64bit Enterprise now... The thing is I want to install Pro version so I have a USB with bootable Win10 Pro 64bit. My question is, now I have 3 Drives ( C,D,E ) I just want drive C to be deleted, I need those two E and D drives the files in it are so important... Which...
  12. K

    Question D Drive Disappeared

    My D drive is a partition and suddenly disappeared when I force closed the epic games launcher. I can't find it in my disk manager even after rescanning. I personally know little to nothing about this whole thing so I have no idea how to fix it either. anyone know how to fix this?
  13. yee-haw

    [SOLVED] Is this build compatible? Is there any components that are too beefy compared to others?

    CPU- Intel core i5-9400F RAM- Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400 C14 2x8GB GPU- Nvidia GTX 1660 Motherboard- Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 SSD- Samsung 860 QVO 1TB Case- CORSAIR - Carbide Series ATX Mid-Tower Case Power Supply- CORSAIR CX Series CX550 550W ATX12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active...
  14. S

    Question Is my NB Frequency too low?

    Hi i've been researching NB frequency and I cannot quite figure out the math for what my NB frequency should be. From all the screenshots i've seen the NB frequency has always been a multiple of the DRAM but mine is equal to it. View: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7-1800x...
  15. A

    need help to understand

    i have posted some non-verified Reviews on but it did not appear on feedback. i can not understand why they are not posted. i want to know details about their review policies and conditions. please let me know about this. thanks
  16. T

    Question No singal rx 550 4gb (device manager cant detect)

    i've plug my rx 550 4 gb in to my pc and i have no singal. fan is working properly and this card work at my pc before 1 week ago. i cannot see my GPU on device manager either. what im supposed to do? thnx
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Did I burned my ram ??? please help !!!!

    Today I bought Kingstone ddr3 4 GB ram and the voltage mentioned for that on it's label was 1.5 v. I installed the ram and turned on the pc and there was no display and the memok button was continuously on with red light. after about one minute I turned off pc by pushing the power supply button...
  18. B

    Question pls help

    ive been having a problem for the past week or so where my keyboard, mouse, and headset will all turn off and reboot. I havent had a problem with this while watching netflix but i have when simply going onto the internet, watching youtube, or listening to music. It mainly happenes when im gaming...
  19. L

    Question Motherboard for i7 3770

    Hey guys I’m new here and I’m looking to build a budget gaming computer just to get a foot in the pc gaming door. I’ve been looking around for the best bang for the buck motherboard for my i7 3770 processor but I probably know too little to find a good one. I need it to be overclockable with...
  20. Xerquz

    Question Need help diagnosing a problem!

    So I switched PC cases to one with better air flow and now the computer only shows a black screen. It turned on and I was in Windows for about 10 mins when the screen when black. Everything was working fine, now it's not. I double checked and everything is plugged in correctly but when I power...