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    Build Advice New Build advice

    This is my first time building a pc. I would like to make sure that all of my parts are compatible with each other. And if anyone has recommendations for better parts that still fit in my budget it would be greatly appreciated. My Build: budget: around...
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    Question Are these upgrades okay?

    Hello! I am upgrading my old desktop computer: Hardware Experience: 0 Computer: ASUS CM6870 with completely original parts. Ideal Budget: $800CDN ($600 USD) Max Budget: $1000CDN ($750USD) Goal: Capability to run AAA videogames. Questions: Are these upgrades okay? Should I be looking at...
  3. eibelbilly

    [SOLVED] Help upgrading

    My system is a amd fx 6300, evga gtx960ssc 4gb, 8gb ram, on a msi sli krait edition., Call of duty warzone has random frame dips on anything above verry low settings what can I do to fix that. My ideas where more ram from 8 to 32, a better gpu like a evga rtx 2060 ko and possibly a fx 8350...
  4. A

    Question B450 or X570 for R5 3600? ASUS TUF or Gigabyte Aorus?

    Hi everyone, relative noob here. Am upgrading my CPU, RAM and MBD. Existing specs as follows: CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 2TB RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1600 C9 2x8GB MBD: Asus H97-PLUS My needs are pretty simple...
  5. D

    Question Pc won't boot up after thermal paste

    Long story short, i noticed my CPU (ryzen 5 3600) was running a little hot so i opened up the case, removed the CPU cooler and the chip, applied the paste put everything back very carefully, when to turn it on and nothing, i removed the chip and looked at the pins none are bent and nk thermal...
  6. A

    Question Upgrading PC - CPU + MBD + RAM + SSD

    Hi everyone, I am planning to upgrade my PC, in particular m CPU and MBD and RAM which were bought in 2015. My current specs are: Userbenchmark PC Build Comparison Baseline Bench: Game 73%, Desk 78%, Work 56% CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB HDD...
  7. Grievous190

    Question Rate my build

    Rate my build Gaming PC Case: Antec DP501 ATX ARGB Mid-Tower Tempered Glass White Gaming Case Motherboard: ASUS TUF Z490 PLUS ATX Motherboard Processor: Intel® Core™ i9-10900K Processor (3.70Ghz, 10 Cores, 20 Threads, 20MB Cache) Memory: Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 UDIMM...
  8. Aboje

    Question B450m Gaming Plus POSTed Once

    Hi guys, New rig setup just POSTed once, but after updating the BIOS I can’t seem to get any traction. I attempted to reset CMOS to no avail. I tried a different GPU (MSI GTX 1060 6GB *both DVI and HDMI ports & GTX 560ti *only DVI port). I tried the DVI port on the mobo to no avail as well...
  9. Grievous190

    Build Advice High End Build for gaming for $7000 aud or under

    I'm an average pc builder at best, can anyone put high end builds together for me with parts and a place to get it built? I'm in Australia if that makes it easier for suggesting a build. RGB if possible please.
  10. Z

    Question Hey guys, looking for some advice please

    Hey guys I could use some help, Im wondering what I could upgrade to get more FPS out of high demand games. Games run pretty well, just looking to make them run even better. Thanks in advance for your help, ill post my specs below. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core 3.59Ghz RAM:16Gb GPU: MSI Geforce...
  11. S

    Question What VESA Adapter can I use for my monitors

    Hello, I'm looking at mounting my Samsung monitors along a mounting arm. However, Samsung being Samsung, they are to cool for VESA mounts. So I have two S24D300HL Monitors that I need small adapters for so I can mount them to VESA mounts. View: Would anyone be...
  12. S

    Build Advice Need Advice on Liquid Cooler [Final Part]

    So I am doing a new build excluding my MB / CPU, which were upgraded in 2018. MB: ASRock Z370 Pro4 CPU: i7-8700k (OC'd to 4.7GHz) GPU: MSI R9 390 (will upgrade to RTX later this year) My CPU doesn't go over 65 degrees, and my GPU doesn't go over 70 degrees in a case with 3 fans (this is pretty...
  13. P

    Question Advice choosing GPU upgrade

    Looking to upgrade to the RX 5600 XT and im really stuck on which one to get, my 2 options are currently; Sapphire Pulse: OR MSI Gaming X...
  14. Z

    Question GPU Replacement/Upgrade Help

    So, brief explanation is im currently saving for a PC, but at the same time while saving the money to buy said PC, my current rigs GPU has died, so I thought if I replace that now, I can just use that in the new rig and save up to buy the rest when I can, So now im torn between the EVGA SC...
  15. ainsleyclark

    Build Advice Build Review, Small & Quiet Linux Server

    Hi all, First linux server build I plan to use for web hosting and dabble with some Plex hosting, it will be sitting in my living room so I need it quiet and eco friendly. Can't break the bank, just wondering your thoughts were. Planning on using Debian 9. Will the mobo be compatible with the...
  16. Triplc

    Question New PC - Gaming only - NEED HELP! New to building PCs and want to get a solid set up. Removing Keyboard and Monitor, my build is around $800. That’s the goal I want to be at. Any suggestions or upgrades I should make for the price range i
  17. bigiron14

    Question Quick question upgrading from a gtx960

    Howdy. I've very green to pc building. Built my 1st one quite a few yrs back with an amd fx 6300 (6core 3.5 ghz) cpu, 8gb ram, 500w bronze power supply & a gtx 960 gpu. It's worked great for years. Trying to get into some newer multiplayer stuff with friends & it's pretty rough. Is just...
  18. Reivaj

    Question Need an advice. Can't decide if it's worth the upgrade.

    Hi, so I'm just getting into the PC world and finally decided to slowly upgrade my PC which currently is: Intel Celeron G3930 H110M PRO-VH PLUS 4 GB of Ram I'm thinking of getting a i5 6500 to upgrade my CPU first but i cant decide if should do that or get another 4 GB of ram instead. It is...
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    Discussion Wireless headphone suggestions?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm giving it a shot!! I'm personally between Bose's "QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II" and Beats' Solo3 Wireless headphones. I for sure want wireless headphones that hold a good amount of battery life (both of the models I'm...