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    Question Onboard sound suddenly quit

    Hi, I'm at wits end with this mobo and fortunately I have a new one I just am waiting to purchase a bigger case as it is ATX and my case is micro. anyway... I popped the case open to test out some new RAM I bought. Had to pull out my 1060 in order to unclip the old RAM (micro atx after all)...
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    APU Processing Power

    I'd like to ask you if i install a discrete gpu (eg 750 GTX Ti) to a pc with cpu (a8 6600K) then the processing power of cpu is going to increase? decrease? remain constant? In an other words does the gpu takes proccesing power from an apu-cpu? Thank you
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    Looking for PSU that fits

    I recently bought a Lenovo M91P from a friend for cheap and I'm looking to upgrade a few things. I've already doubled the ram and storage, but I'm looking to get a new gpu for the i5-2400 on it, to replace intel hd2000 integrated graphics. I wanted to get a good card so I figure I'll need a 400w...
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    Will my cheap rig need more than 4GB of RAM?

    Specs PSU: Corsair CX430M MB: MSI B85M-E45 CPU: Pentium G3220 GPU: GTX 750TI HDD: WD 1tb RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB My question is: Is there games playable on my cheap rig that will need more than 4gb of ram? Or should I stick with 4GB until I upgrade my cpu? I plan to upgrade part by part...
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    Insufficient disk space in C:\Program Files (x86) - Installation Error

    I am running Windows 8.1 and had the original Call of Duty game (from 2003) installed, but then I formatted because I had partition mix up where nearly 700gb was unallocated. I got all the drivers installed again after the clean install of Windows 8/8.1 (had to manually load Intel RST because...
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    What's the best Best PSU for upcoming PC gaming build.

    I'm very new to building a pc and have a strict budget that ranges from 500-520. Anything vastly above that is just simply outside my budget and way too much. A nice person on this forum recommended a build to me for the specific games I play along with using Photoshop to draw for occupation...
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    will microcenter exchange my mobo

    Hello so i exchanged my cpu and noticed my cpu socket pins were bent and there was cotton residue in it. Now i bought the motherboard past the 30 days and i dont have a reciept for it. Will they even exchange it for the same motherboard or will i need to purchase another one on my own. Any help...