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    [SOLVED] Power outage with computer on

    Hello, I was on my Alienware R7 and I was gaming, and it was really windy out and my power went out. My computer, keyboard and monitor went black, but when my power turned back on, my computer is still off but I’m worried that the outage damaged my gamong computer. I have a surge protector but...
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    Question Videos won't load after power outage (likely wrong category)

    Today I had a power outage from a storm, all was routine until i tried loading a YouTube video and got message saying "if video continues to load, refresh". I did and still no luck. To troubleshoot I tried Twitch, Vudu, and Netflix, all infinitely loading. I did the routine cache clearing...
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    Graphics card interfering with motherboard? Nothing shows on monitors except when its taken out

    So I recently moved, and I start setting up my computer (Windows 10) as usual, and I have a dual monitor set up. I have a mother board (MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING) and the graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti) hooked. When I turned on my computer, I wasn't getting any visual feed on my monitors...
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    CPU overheating ?!!

    for the past month the processor has been overheating like crazy the CPU fan goes to 100% over 25% CPU usage and it's not because the fan is set to that but because at 30% the CPU goes to over 55 degree Celsius and i think the fan in good condition the one thing i can think of is that the...
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    Is my Power Supply working?

    I was editting a video in After Effects earlier and my Desktop shut down by itself, when I went to switch it back on, the pc just made a noise as if it was shutting down, there is power going into it I think, the LED's for my graphics card is on, the led for my power button is on, but when I...