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    Question Videos won't load after power outage (likely wrong category)

    Today I had a power outage from a storm, all was routine until i tried loading a YouTube video and got message saying "if video continues to load, refresh". I did and still no luck. To troubleshoot I tried Twitch, Vudu, and Netflix, all infinitely loading. I did the routine cache clearing...
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    Graphics card interfering with motherboard? Nothing shows on monitors except when its taken out

    So I recently moved, and I start setting up my computer (Windows 10) as usual, and I have a dual monitor set up. I have a mother board (MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING) and the graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti) hooked. When I turned on my computer, I wasn't getting any visual feed on my monitors...
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    CPU overheating ?!!

    for the past month the processor has been overheating like crazy the CPU fan goes to 100% over 25% CPU usage and it's not because the fan is set to that but because at 30% the CPU goes to over 55 degree Celsius and i think the fan in good condition the one thing i can think of is that the...
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    Is my Power Supply working?

    I was editting a video in After Effects earlier and my Desktop shut down by itself, when I went to switch it back on, the pc just made a noise as if it was shutting down, there is power going into it I think, the LED's for my graphics card is on, the led for my power button is on, but when I...