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  1. H_FIRE

    Question How to make an m.2 nvme ssd work with P67 Msi Marshal mobo

    Greetings! I have an older system found here Now the old mobo P67 1155 MSI Big Bang Marshal doesn't really support nvme m.2 ssds but i would like to replace the verizon 120gb with a Samsung 970 Evo Plus of 1tb i just bought, in order to prepare for a new system (55 E9 4k tv also purchased and...
  2. S

    Blue Screen. Won't boot. Restart loop. Troubleshooting options not working.

    My PC crashed recently and since has gone into the blue screen of death. I have followed the troubleshooting options available but none work. Won't reset or restore and can't repair itself. What has gone wrong and what can I do about it?