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  1. LedaOhio9

    [SOLVED] Little advice buying a new GPU

    Any help appreciated Something around $150.00 price range that supports dual monitors. No special needs Not really a gamer but, I do play Simcity: Cities of Tomorrow sometimes. My Motherboard: https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/P9X79_LE/specifications/ It should also support SLI in case I...
  2. C

    Just wanted to know if my build fit together.

    Heres my build, http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kKLpD3 I mainly want to know if 8gb is too much memory.
  3. Marshall Hurtado

    Minecraft LAN not working (1.7.9)

    Minecraft LAN isn't working on 1.7.9. I feel like my LAN is off system wide, or something like that. Can't detect any LAN worlds on my end, and others can't see my worlds. Maybe it's a Java error. Any ideas?