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  1. L

    Question B450 Tomahawk red cpu led

    Hi, I've had my computer for a while now and everything was working fine until yesterday. Now the motherboards CPU led turns red when I turn my pc on and I can't boot. I looked online and tried every solution that was written. I changed the CMOS battery, I tried booting without GPU and with one...
  2. bpennock

    Question Dual section from usb ssd.

    Hello all, I have to do a compete wipe and reinstall of my os (windows 10). Is there a way I can partition my 256gb portable SSD to have a windows UEFI boot on it and have the other half for removable storage? Any help/thoughts are appreciated Thanks
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Installing games on ssd

    Hey!i've come with another question :D ,i want to buy a new ssd [250 gb-2gb/s ]for my windows and pubg[or any high usage game] but i dont know how to install the games only in ssd and not on hdd[1tb]. When i will install my windows again i''ll do it with clean instalation and make 2...
  4. FallingHeaven

    [SOLVED] External Drive Data Loss after flashing to upgrade for Window 10 64bits

    Hi all I was upgrading my Window 10 32 bit to 64 bit (my hardware is compatible). 1. I downloaded the Window Media Tool and use my 1TB External hard drive (WD) as the USB flash drive to upgrade the Window. Before upgrading, the WD external drive was already used for my photo / documents backup...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] D partiton became free sapce

    Hello,this problem happend a week ago and heres how.My C partiton has low memory so i wanted to get some memory from D and put it in C,i installed a lot apps for partitons so i can do it.While i was trying i made a mistake idk what,and my D partiton was empty everything deleted from it then i...