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  1. M

    Question password character specifications

    i have been trying to create a password and it's telling me that i need a special character and an alpha character in my password, what's the difference? I looked up what the difference is and i get the same results.
  2. nimbuus

    Question BIOS password changed instead of clearing it Asus FX505GE

    Dear TomsHardware Community, My is with a new Asus laptop my sister bought for his son which i had the opportunity to install for the first time. However, before starting the installation i have attempted to clear the admin BIOS password in BIOS set by his son, and then rebooted the laptop to...
  3. Radioactive Gamer

    Can a bad powersupply, or at least a faulty PCI power connector cause artifacts?

    I have a corsair 80+ 500 watt psu, and a 660 non ti. Today when I turned on my PC, and booted into windows, I saw little flashing dots on the screen, and other wierd artifacts, I could not figure out why, and began to ruel the gpu going bad as the cause. However, just for the heck of it, I...