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  1. OBTA13

    Question MOBO causing PC Hang when gaming?

    Hopefully some of you tech gurus on here can help? So, I have been dealing with kernel-power 41 task category 63 in the event viewer. Only happens when gaming. Game crash to black screen on display 1 and green on display 2. Hard restart only option. I replaced the psu to test that. I can't get...
  2. T

    Question pc freezes randomly NO BSOD

    Hello guys i need your expertise My pc freezes randomly. Sometimes even at bios load, after 30 minutes or three days. No bsod or minidump file after crashing. Keyboard, mouse and sound stop at the same time. No any beep sound from any component. All temps are fine when crashing,gpu and cpu...
  3. G

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