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  1. A

    Question PC Not Turning On From Power Buttons

    let's start with my specs Real Quick : i5 2500k 8gb DDR3 1600mhz Mobo : Foxconn 2abf PSU : Advance MPT 5002 (500W)(Non Modular) the pc was working Okey till yesterday i came to turn on the pc on from power button and nothing happened ( no power at all) WHAT I HAVE TRIED: 1) I have tried to...

    Question PC won't start

    When I power up my system the fans start to run very slower(Completely Silent) than as they usually do while booting up but the GPU fans don't start. I tried booting up the system without GPU but it still not booting I know this because my keyboard and mouse didn't light up when I tried it and...

    Question PC not starting.

    PC doesn't start when I press the power button, No fans nothing, not even PSU fans. I was searching online and I found out that it could be solved if I reset CMOS. But it didn't work maybe because I didn't do it correctly. There are 4-pins above where CLR-CMOS is written on my MOBO I have a...
  4. A

    Question Nothing happens when I press the power button ?

    No power when pressing power button in pc what could be the problem ? I tested psu in another pc and its working , cpu working , gpu and ram , could it be the motherboard ? No beep, no fans, no display, nothing ?
  5. Vandersandenl

    Question PC shut down when connecting psu to gpu

    Today I was playing Minecraft when suddenly my pc shut down and it wouldn't turn back on. So I opened it up, disconnected the psu from everything and using the paperclip method it turned back on. Then I started connecting all the components again but when I connected it to the GPU, the PSU shut...
  6. I

    Question Pc not booting

    Hello all a while ago i was playing a game on my pc and i had to leave for 30 minutes, and when i came back i had no screen showing anymore. I tried restarting but it got stuck at the msi startup logo. And the weird thing is that sometimes it gets to this logo and sometimes i dont get any...
  7. B

    Question My PC starts up but then immediately shuts down on loop

    I've been cleaning my pc today and took out the power supply, gpu and fans to clean the dust. After putting it all back together correctly, my pc has now started to boot up but then after 1 to 2 seconds later shut down, then does this in a loop. I expect its something to do with the limited...