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  1. S

    Question PC reset after power outage instead of continuous operation via UPS

    Hello. I have a pc issue. Detailing specs below first. CPU: R7 3700x GPU: Rx 590 Nitro+ PSU: Tt BX1 550 Case: CM H500P Mesh AIO: CM ML240R RAM: Gskill TZ 2666Mhz 32GB Dual channel Yesterday while playing a game, while there was a power outage, my pc just reset randomly. Crash. I use a UPS and...
  2. S

    Question PC reset isn't working

    Hi everyone, I've tried to work this issue for 2 days now and I'm going round in circles. All I want to do is reset my PC as I'm selling it. So when I select to reset, I'm asked to run the install disc as it can't find the right environment. I subsequently went onto MS to download the install...
  3. Luke_dq

    [SOLVED] Multiple BSoDs and Failure to Reset

    So this started happening a month ago and only once every few days so I never thought much of it until recently. Everytime I start up my pc and get to my desktop screen everything is perfectly fine for about one minute and then I instantly get hit with a BSoD usually with the error codes...
  4. B

    bought akericas army overmatch at thrift store.didnt come in box but is still in wrapper.may have been free in magizine.

    how do I get a registration key code if its not there