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  1. D

    Question 6-pin to 6-pin for powering risers on EVGA 1000w G3?

    I'm building a mining rig and have a EVGA 1000w G3 PSU. I'm currently powering the risers with an 8-pin to 6+2 cable that I've plugged into one of the VGA slots in the PSU. I'd like to free up the VGA slots to power more GPUs and power the risers from different ports on the PSU. Can I power...
  2. Muavvaz

    Question Can i put more gpus in my motherboard using pcie 1 to 4 converter?

    My cpu has 16 pcie lanes limit and my mother board has 6 pcie x1 slots and i have mounted 6 gpus using pcie risers.yesterday I saw this 1 to 4 converter for risers and now I'm hoping if i can use this converter to mount more than 6 gpus Cuz they only use pcie x1 and 1 pcie lane =1 pciex1 slot...