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    Question PCIe 4.0 riser

    Hey all. I'm building a new system, and I'd like to vertically mount my card. I've never bought a riser cable before so I don't know what brands are reliable, if there are quality differences, etc. I'd also like to get one that's PCI-e 4.0; I know my card won't max out a 3.0 slot currently, but...
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    [SOLVED] Z490 Gigabyte Aorus Ultra - Is the third GPU slot ( the x4 one) PCIe 4.0 ready too ?

    I know that I will need a CPU of the next generation. But I would like to know if the third GPU is PCIe 4.0 ready too. (I could use 3 GPU for machine learning for example) I heard that only the first two will be 4.0 ready but I am not sure about that. thx in advance (I edit the question. I...