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    Question Rx 5700 xt no post

    I bought a powercolor rx 5700 xt red devil last year,it worked fine, although I had some driver issues with some games but nothing serious. Today I was using the pc with no issues and suddenly it died, no post, everything is on, even the card fans and leds, but there's no video signal, not...
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    Question Please help, GPU Buzzing Noise?!

    View: https://twitter.com/Leuc_/status/1355629162237714435?s=20 After hours of trying to find the problem I’ve come to a conclusion that this noise is coming from my gpu, it started a couple of days ago (around the same as the new AMD driver update) I’m to sure if that has anything to do with...
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    which is better?

    hi i know these are both old but which is better Ati Radeon HD4800 Geforce GTX 460 Zotac edition