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  1. hendolad

    Question Pc Randomly Black Screening

    I bought a Pre Built maybe two months ago, and for the past 2 weeks the system was randomly black screening and needed rebooting, it is a 2060 gpu and core i5 10500 the temps when ever it black screens are around 40-50c. The audio will loop for a second before the system black screens sometimes...
  2. minitechtips

    Question Which pre built pc is best under $4000?

    I want buy pre built pc under $4000 to play AAA games at 1440p settings.
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Best Pre-Built for £1300 (UK)

    Hi. I have a friend who is looking to purchase a pre-built gaming PC (from a reputable brand). His budget is £1300 maximum as he needs to source a keyboard, mouse etc... Games he will be looking to play include Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, GTA etc... Just wants to get the most...
  4. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Help me set price of used PC.

    I need some extra cash and I want to sell my pc. What is it worth? Please use € currency if possible. Specs: Photos: View: Nothing has warranty. I will use my laptop in the meantime. I was told that it's better to sell each part...
  5. Aysttshsvs

    [SOLVED] Anyone know if the PSU in this prebuilt can be replaced?

    I was thinking about buying the Lenovo V V50t-13IMB, and I wanted to know if the PSU can be replaced and what is its form factor, I wasn't sure if it was specifically made by Lenovo,
  6. PandaOW

    [SOLVED] Massive decrease in PC performance both in and out of games ?

    About 5 days ago my PC's performance significantly dropped, I first noticed it in game (Overwatch) and then even in chrome browsing and general PC loading times. This dropped my fps in Overwatch from a consistent 165 (could handle 200 stable but I wanted to match my monitor refresh rate) to a...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Best Place in the UK to buy pre-builts

    Hi guys, I was wondering where the best place to buy pre builts in the UK is? I have no experience with any pre-builts, but my friend is looking to get a desktop but doesn't want to build it himself (I would do it but I'm in lock down miles away from him so no can do). He's looking to get it...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Is this a good choice for my first PC?

    I'm not a hardcore gamer or anything, just some games on steam. These specs seem really good for the price, but I've read that CyberPowerPC has cheap parts. Any advice would be appreciated!
  9. symmxtric

    Question What SSDs would a Thimphu-K motherboard support?

    I currently have a Thimphu-K motherboard made by HP. I will be moving my pre-built into a custom case with a new cpu cooler etc. My question being, what would be a good SSD that would work with this build? The PC is an HP Omen 870-244. Here's a pic of the motherboard:
  10. symmxtric

    [SOLVED] Moving parts from pre-built PC to a new case.

    So I have an HP Omen 870-244, and I've noticed that the cooling on it is terrible. I've wanted to take all the parts from the Omen, and move them into a new Case. I was looking at an "NZXT H210", but am not sure if everything would work out. Here are the specs of the current PC: Core I7-7700...
  11. P

    Question upgrading a pre built pc

    Hi, im pretty new to whats inside a pc so double checking i can i purchased a hp pavilion power 580-015na a while back and was looking to upgrade the graphics card to something powerful enough to run VR decently i understand that i would need to upgrade the power supply as the 180w wouldn't be...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Friends PC Turns on Then Immediately Off?

    Hey guys, my friend and I were facetiming because he is having the problem of his PC "Turning on Then Immediately Off" as he stated. I had this problem before when installing a psu, what i did was unplugged the 24 pin and the 4 pin mobo connectors and then i plugged it back in. That worked for...
  13. insaneturtlefish

    Question New Summer build *assistance needed*

    PCPartPicker Part List All of these prices are in PLN, and not actually $ Type|Item|Price :----|:----|:---- CPU | Intel - Core i5-8600K 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor | $1139.00 CPU Cooler | Deepcool - Castle 240 RGB 69.34 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | $489.00 Motherboard | Asus - TUF B360-Pro Gaming...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Need help buying a Pre-built PC

    hey guys, looking at spending the mininum possible for now and have a few options to choose from in a Pre built computer. I am currently studying IT networking and doing a beginners programming course online and want to get into a bit of gaming. Basically im looking to get away as cheap as...